Adolf Johann Otto von Wickede

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Silhouette of Adolf Johann Otto von Wickede

Adolf Johann Otto von Wickede (born July 15, 1785 at the Ratzeburg Cathedral ; † March 14, 1853 there ) was a German forest clerk and surveyor.


Adolf Johann Otto von Wickede was the son of Drosten in the Principality of Ratzeburg Nicolaus Otto von Wickede . From 1801, Wickede studied forestry at the Thuringian Forest Academy in Thuringia, which was founded in the same year under Johann Matthäus Bechstein , at Schloss Drei 30e near Meiningen . In 1802 he became court and hunting junker in Saxony-Meiningen and in 1804 a member of the Society of Forest and Hunting Studies in Dreianzigacker . In 1805 he became a forester in the forest department and assessor in the Ratzeburg Chamber of Commerce, the government of this exclave of the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz . Wickede carried out the survey of the field mark of the Principality of Ratzeburg; In the course of this, more than 200 maps and plans were created.

In 1838 he became a member of the Association for Mecklenburg History and Archeology .


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