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The unit 5 (short: A5) was a German test rocket with a length of 5.825 meters, a diameter of 0.78 meters, a takeoff weight of 900 kilograms and a takeoff thrust of 15 kN. The propulsion took place with alcohol and liquid oxygen conveyed by compressed gas .

The aggregate 5 replaced the aggregate 3 rocket, which did not meet the expectations placed in it. The drive system of the unit 5 was taken over by the unit 3, but the unit 5 received the aerodynamic shape of the planned unit 4 , for which it was a test vehicle.

The first start of the unit 5 took place in the summer of 1938 on the Greifswalder Oie . From October 1939, the first guided flights were carried out with the unit 5 in order to test the control system planned for the unit 4. The unit 5 reached a summit height of up to 12 kilometers and could be reused on a parachute after landing.

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