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Alan Kaufman (born January 12, 1952 in New York ) is an American writer . He lives in San Francisco .


Alan Kaufman grew up as a Jewish boy in the Bronx and experienced childhood as a multicultural event and gangsterism. The various initiation rites and struggles for survival are depicted in the autobiographical novel Judenlümmel . As a lyricist and manifesto writer, Alan Kaufman is committed to the sound of the beatniks . “A WOW. In the Eisenhower era of Ginsberg, it only took one poet to draw up a will. Today it takes twenty-five, fifty, a whole world. The whole battery of new poets around the world is the collective howling of this generation, which is leading us into a new age. ”It says in the volume of poetry Straitjackenelegien . Alan Kaufmann lives in San Francisco. He became known to the German-speaking audience through his participation in Sprachsalz 2013, where he worked as a spoken word author for example in the early 1990s . B. performed in Berlin and in the Literaturhaus Salzburg . His German-language books are published by BAES in Zirl near Innsbruck, which specializes in Beatnik literature. The Austrian writer Norbert Gstrein dedicated his novel In der Free World to Alan Kaufman in 2016 . The Jewish figure in his novel certainly bears traits of the Jewish hero from the Jewish lout.


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