Albert de Gondi, duc de Retz

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Albert de Gondi

Albert de Gondi, duc de Retz (born November 4, 1522 in Florence , † April 12, 1602 in Paris ) was a French military leader.


Albert de Gondi was the eldest of the three sons of the Florentine merchant and banker Guidobaldo or Antoine de Gondi (1486–1560), who initially settled in Lyon and, thanks to the favor of Heinrich von Orléans, the future Henry II, together with his wife in 1533 The married Catherine of Medici was accepted at court in 1547. There Guidobaldo took the office of maître d'hôtel or steward of the young Duke of Anjou, who later became Henry III. from France one.

Albert de Gondi acquired the barony of Retz in 1565 through his marriage to Claude-Catherine de Clermont-Dampierre, widowed Baroness von Retz, which was raised to a duchy in 1581. He distinguished himself in several wars, was appointed Marshal of France in 1573 and practiced under Henry III. great influence. Later he took the side of Henry IV.

His younger brothers were the bishop and cardinal Pierre de Gondi and the galley general Charles de Gondi . Cardinal Jean-François Paul de Gondi , known as "Cardinal von Retz", was his great-nephew.



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