Pierre de Gondi

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Cardinal Pierre de Gondi

Pierre de Gondi (* 1533 in Lyon ; † February 17, 1616 ) was a French bishop and cardinal of Italian descent.


Pierre de Gondi was born as the second son of the Lyon-based trader and banker Guidobaldo or Antoine de Gondi (1486-1560) and his wife Marie-Catherine de Pierrevive, the daughter of a receveur du domaine (tax collector of the royal domain). Thanks to the favor of Catherine de Medici (1519–1589), who was married to Heinrich von Orléans, the future Henry II (1519–1559) in 1533 , his mother was later given the post of governess des enfants de France ( governess of the royal children), his father that of the maître d'hôtel (steward) of the young Duke of Anjou, later Henry III. (1551-1589).

Pierre de Gondi was made Bishop of Langres in 1565 and Bishop of Paris in 1569 . He also had the offices of chancellor and chaplain ( chancelier et grand aumônier ) who had been with King Charles IX since 1570 . (1550–1574) married Elisabeth of Austria (1554–1592). On December 18, 1587 he was accepted by Pope Sixtus V in the college of cardinals and received the titular church of San Silvestro in Capite , he was raised to ambassador in Rome , where he held several diplomatic missions for Henry III. and Henry IV fulfilled.

Pierre de Gondi's older brother was the Duke of Retz Albert de Gondi , whose son Henri Pierre de Gondis became coadjutor and successor. His younger brother was the galley general Charles de Gondi .


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