Hermann Soyaux

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Hermann Soyaux (born January 4, 1852 in Breslau , † 1928 in Brazil ) was a German botanist and explorer . Its official botanical author's abbreviation is “ Soyaux ”.


Soyaux initially focused on the nursery , then studied botany in Berlin and was organized by the German African Society for the expedition of Paul Güssfeldt the Kingdom of Loango won as a botanist. He therefore traveled to West Africa in 1873 , where he met Güßfeldt, Julius Falkenstein and Eduard Pechuel-Loesche in Tschinschoscho (Loango, in the area of ​​today's Cabinda ) . In 1875 Soyaux was commissioned to turn to Angola , where he met Paul Pogge .

After the expedition was disbanded, Soyaux returned to Europe and published The Lost World Part (Berlin 1876) and From West Africa (two volumes, Leipzig 1879). On behalf of the Hamburg trading house Woermann , Soyaux went to Gabon ( Libreville ) in West Africa in 1879 and founded a coffee plantation there . In 1885 he returned to Germany and worked for the German Colonial Association in Berlin and wrote German Work in Africa (Leipzig 1888).

In 1888 he went to Brazil on behalf of the Herman Settlement Society , where he took over the management of the Bom Retiro colony in Rio Grande do Sul . He then lived in Porto Alegre .

In 1904 he co-founded the “Centro Econômico do Rio Grande do Sul” in Brazil.


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