Lingen nuclear power plant

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Lingen nuclear power plant
Lingen nuclear power plant in August 2010
Lingen nuclear power plant in August 2010
Lingen nuclear power plant (Lower Saxony)
Lingen nuclear power plant
Coordinates 52 ° 28 '58 "  N , 7 ° 18' 2"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 28 '58 "  N , 7 ° 18' 2"  E
country GermanyGermany Germany
place Lingen (Ems)
owner RWE Nuclear GmbH
operator Kernkraftwerk Lingen GmbH
Project start 1964
Start of operations July 1, 1968
Shutdown 5th January 1979

Decommissioned reactors (gross)

1 (268 MW)
Chimney height 60 m
Energy fed in 1976 1,195.7 GWh
Energy fed in since commissioning 9,136 GWh
Website RWE
was standing 2020
Aerial photo of the power plant site (2018)

Aerial photo of the power plant site (2018)


The Lingen nuclear power plant ( KWL ) in Lingen was a boiling water reactor , construction of which began in 1964 and which was to serve as a demonstration system for later boiling water reactors. The reactor had a thermal output of 540  MW , and the superheater , which was fired with mineral oil , had a thermal output of 214 MW. This resulted in an electrical output of 250 MW for the power plant, 82 MW of which came from the superheater. Due to the oil-fired superheater, the power plant - unusual for a nuclear power plant - had a chimney that was around 150 meters high . This was demolished in the course of the dismantling work on the power plant in summer 2009 and replaced by a smaller, approx. 60 meter high exhaust air chimney.

Immediately next to the Lingen nuclear power plant is the Emsland natural gas power plant and a few kilometers southeast of the Emsland nuclear power plant .


In 1968, the VEW Group put the Lingen nuclear power plant into operation in the then still independent municipality of Darme . It was one of the first commercial nuclear power plants in Germany. In 1977 the nuclear part of the power plant was shut down after damage to the steam converter system and was in safe confinement from 1988 to 2013 .

1989/90, the location of the power plant attained again attention because in the local area after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl radioactive contaminated whey powder was stored and processed. A total of 5000 tons of whey powder from Bavarian cheese production, which was originally contaminated with up to 8000 Becquerel cesium -137 per kilogram, was treated with an ion exchange process developed by Franz Roiner ; thereafter the contamination was 100 becquerels per kilogram. After the treatment, this whey powder was used as animal feed .

The power plant originally belonged to the VEW group. Since its merger with RWE in 2000 - long after the shutdown - it has belonged to RWE Power and now to RWE Nuclear GmbH , which is supposed to ensure the legally required dismantling of nuclear power plants and the packaging of radioactive waste .

With the approval notice dated December 21, 2015, the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Protection issued the first partial approval under nuclear law for the dismantling of the Lingen nuclear power plant. The permit regulates in particular the dismantling operation, the dismantling of the uncontaminated and the contaminated plant parts and the interim storage of radioactive waste.

A further nuclear license is required for the dismantling of the activated parts of the facility . The subsequent conventional demolition after release from nuclear supervision does not require any further nuclear license.

According to the plans, the dismantling should take about twenty years.

Data of the reactor block

The Lingen nuclear power plant had one power plant unit :

Reactor block Reactor type Net power Gross output start of building Network synchronization Commercial operation Shutdown
Lingen (KWL) Boiling water reactor 183 MW 268 MW 10/01/1964 07/01/1968 10/01/1968 01/05/1979

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