Emsland nuclear power plant

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Emsland nuclear power plant
Emsland nuclear power plant
Emsland nuclear power plant
Emsland nuclear power plant (Lower Saxony)
Emsland nuclear power plant
Coordinates 52 ° 28 '27 "  N , 7 ° 19' 4"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 28 '27 "  N , 7 ° 19' 4"  E
country GermanyGermany Germany
place Lingen (Ems)
owner 75% RWE Power
25% PreussenElektra
operator Kernkraftwerke Lippe-Ems GmbH
Project start 1982
Start of operations June 20, 1988
Shutdown Template: future / in 2 years

Active reactors (gross)

1 (1,406 MW)
Energy fed in 2018 10,915.03 GWh
Energy fed in since commissioning 328,920 GWh
Website RWE
was standing December 31, 2018
Aerial photo of the power plant site (2018)

Aerial photo of the power plant site (2018)


The Emsland nuclear power plant (KKE) is located near Lingen in the Emsland district , Lower Saxony .


The power plant was planned to replace the Lingen nuclear power plant, which was shut down in 1977 , and was built in the early 1980s. The nuclear reactor first went critical on April 14, 1988 and went into commercial operation on June 20, 1988. He has a pressurized water reactor of the Konvoi type , the 4th and most modern pressurized water reactor generation in Germany. The successor to this model is the EPR (European Pressurized Water Reactor) manufactured by AREVA . In the reactor there are 193 fuel elements with a heavy metal mass of 103 tons. The Emsland nuclear power plant has an electrical output of 1,406 MW (gross). Less the internal requirement of 71 MW, this results in an output of 1,335 MW (net). The power plant has a 152 meter high natural draft wet cooling tower that can be operated in recooling mode or in drain mode.

North of the power plant are the decommissioned Lingen nuclear power plant and the Emsland natural gas power plant .

In December 2002 the 'Lingen interim storage facility' (SZL) was put into operation on the site of the nuclear power plant. There the spent fuel in are Castor containers stored until it into a repository , which provide the federal government no later than 2030 must be able to be accommodated. This interim storage facility has 130 storage spaces for containers with a heavy metal mass of 1,250 tons. The SZL has a 1.30 meter thick concrete roof and 1.20 meter thick concrete walls to protect against external influences such as earthquakes, explosions or plane crashes.

The Atomic Energy Act , amended in 2011 , stipulates that the Emsland nuclear power plant will Template: future / in 2 yearslose its operating license by December 31, 2022 at the latest, i.e. that it must be shut down ( Section 7 (1a ) AtG ). An earlier shutdown can result if the residual electricity volume of 230.07 TWh has been generated from January 1, 2000 ( Annex 3 AtG ) and no electricity is transferred to the Emsland nuclear power plant.

Mains connection

The grid connection is made at the 380 kV maximum voltage level in the Hanekenfähr substation operated by the transmission system operator Amprion .


Model of the reactor building with the machine house

For operational reasons, nuclear power plants give off small amounts of radioactive substances in exhaust air and wastewater ( emissions ). The Atomic Energy Act obliges the supervisory authorities, among other things, to monitor operations with regard to the permitted limit values . A corresponding overview for the KKE can be found on the website of the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Protection .


On July 24, 2009, the power plant was disconnected from the grid due to a category  N (normal) fault in the tap changer of a machine transformer , and the reactor was subsequently shut down during the night. In the quarterly report 3/2009 of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection this event is listed as “24. July 2009, KKE, failure of the block feed with subsequent rapid reactor shutdown via low steam generator level, 09/072, N, 0. “In the system of the international rating scale (INES), the incident, considering the third aspect, the impairment of safety precautions, has no or very little safety-related significance (INES 0).

On April 3, 2015, the nuclear power plant was temporarily disconnected from the grid due to a leak.

In November 2017, a leak was found in the auxiliary cooling water system of the nuclear power plant during maintenance work. According to the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment, this event has little or no safety significance.


Like other nuclear power plants, the power plant is basically suitable for load-following operation . In 2014, the operator RWE stated that the power plant would also be operated in load-following mode if necessary. For this purpose, the output is throttled when there is low demand for electricity and high wind energy feed-in. The NPP could reduce the output by up to 850 megawatts in around 60 minutes.

Data of the reactor block

The Emsland nuclear power plant has one power plant block :

Reactor block Reactor type Construction line electrical
reactor power
start of building Network
of essential operation
net Gross
Emsland (KKE) Pressurized water reactor KWU construction line '80 ( convoy ) 1,335 MW 1,406 MW 3,850 MW 08/10/1982 04/19/1988 06/20/1988 (31.12.2022)

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