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The Alberta Order of Excellence is a civil order of merit in the Canadian province of Alberta . Introduced on November 16, 1979, the award is given to civilians who have done service to the citizens of Alberta. No more than ten people are awarded this medal each year. The lieutenant governor receives it automatically when he is sworn in and is also the chancellor of the order during his term of office.

Structure and appointment

The Alberta Order of Excellence is intended to recognize current or former long-term residents of Alberta who have distinguished themselves through a high level of achievement and success in a particular area on behalf of the residents of Alberta. Canadian citizenship is required; Persons who are currently elected or appointed members of a public corporation are excluded. No more than ten people can be honored per year, but the Order Council can postpone the assessment of a nomination for up to seven years.

The nomination process, with which suitable people are to be found, begins with proposals from the public to the Order Council. This consists of six people without preconditions, who are appointed by the lieutenant governor. It meets annually to submit proposals to the lieutenant governor. Posthumous nominations are not permitted. The incumbent Vice-Governor , who is ex officio member and Chancellor of the Council of the Order and remains the former after his resignation, announces the appointment with an instruction that is sealed with the Great Seal of the Province. The new order members then have the right to append the abbreviation AOE to their names. In addition, two portraits will be made for display in the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton and the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary .

List of holders of the Alberta Order of Excellence


After membership of the Order, members are presented with the Order's insignia in a ceremony at Government House in Edmonton. According to the ordinance, which stipulates the appearance of the medal and ribbon as well as how they are worn, the main emblem of the order is a 51 millimeter wide gold medallion in the form of a paw cross . The arms of the same length are made of transparent blue enamel on gold, the pattern of which is reminiscent of prairie wheat. The cross is layered between a burnished gold disc with rose and rose petal motifs and another disc with the coat of arms of Alberta on red enamel, surrounded by a white circle with the inscription The Alberta Order of Excellence . On the back, a maple leaf is depicted over a sheaf of wheat. The ribbon consists of vertical stripes in blue, purple, white and gold, which correspond to the colors of the province's coat of arms. Men wear the medal attached to the collar at the end of the ribbon, women wear it on a bow on the left breast. For less formal occasions, members receive a pin.

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