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Alessandro Pratesi (born March 31, 1922 in Sulmona , Italy , † January 29, 2012 in Rome ) was an Italian palaeographer and diplomat .


Pratesi was born in Sulmona in 1922. After completing his doctorate ( laurea ) at La Sapienza University in Rome , he first became a professor of palaeography and diplomatics at the University of Bari , then returned to his home university. After the death of Giorgio Cencetti , he also took over the management of the Scuola speciale per archivisti e bibliotecari .

From 1982 to 2003 he was also a lecturer at the Scuola Vaticana di paleografia, diplomatica e archivistica , the central training center for future church archivists. His introduction to the doctrine of documents Genesi e forme del documento medievale , reissued and updated several times, became the recommended standard work at the Italian universities and is still so. Of his document editions, the Calabrian documents of the Fondo Aldobrandini in the Vatican Library in particular provided important sources for a region in which hardly anything from the Middle Ages has survived locally.

He was a member, mostly in a leading position, of the governing bodies of the Centro di studi sull'alto medioevo in Spoleto and the Istituto di Studi Romani , the Commission Internationale de Paléographie and the Commission Internationale de Diplomatique , as well as President of the Società Romana di Storia Patria and the Centro studi internazionali Giuseppe Ermini in Ferentino .

For a long time he was also involved in the editing of the Enciclopedia cattolica .

Publications (selection)

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