Alexander Carl (Anhalt-Bernburg)

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Duke Alexander Carl von Anhalt-Bernburg

Alexander Carl, Duke of Anhalt-Bernburg (born March 2, 1805 in Ballenstedt , † August 19, 1863 at Hoym Castle ) was the last ruling Duke of Anhalt-Bernburg .


Alexander Carl was born on March 2, 1805, as the son of Prince Alexius Friedrich Christian and Princess Marie Friederike von Hessen-Kassel in Schloss Ballenstedt .

After the death of his father, he took over the government on March 24, 1834.

Under Alexander Carl's government, Bernburg was given access to the German railway network via Köthen in 1846 , after the Duke had refused to connect six years earlier.

Due to his progressive schizophrenia , the Duke retired to Hoym Castle in November 1855 . There he spent the years up to his death under medical care and in the company of his chamberlain, the painter and writer Wilhelm von Kügelgen .

His wife, Princess Friederike von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg , was appointed co-regent. Alexander Carl died in 1863 without descendants, so that the Anhalt-Bernburg line also became extinct and the country was united to form the Duchy of Anhalt with the seat of government in Dessau .


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