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Alexei Jakowlewitsch Chervonenkis ( Russian Алексей Яковлевич Червоненкис , English transcription Alexey Yakovlevich Chervonenkis; born September 7, 1938 ; † September 21, 2014 in Moscow ) was a Russian computer scientist. With Wladimir Naumowitsch Wapnik he developed the basics of the theory of the support vector machine and general statistical learning theory .


Chervonenkis was a senior scientist at the Institute for Control Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He did his doctorate there with Alexander Lerner and worked with Wapnik (also a PhD student of Lerner) on machine learning and pattern recognition. Later he was also a professor at the Royal Holloway College, University of London (Computer Learning Research Center). There he applied SVMs to molecular biological problems, among other things.

He also dealt with geostatistics and received the State Prize of the USSR in 1987 (a system he developed was used, for example, in the gold opencast mine in Uzbekistan).

He was in the habit of going on long walks alone, which led him in particular through most of Moscow's streets and the parks and forests in the area. He died of hypothermia one night on one of these hikes in a forest near Mytishchi after he got lost. An immediately initiated search with hundreds of people involved remained unsuccessful and the body was later found by helicopter.

The Vapnis-Chervonenkis theory (their statistical learning theory) and the VC dimension are named after Vapnik and Chervonenkis.


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