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Alpenoberkrainer (Alpski kvintet)
General information
Genre (s) Folk music
founding 1966
Founding members
Jože Antonič
Current occupation
Damir Tkavc (since 2005)
Franjo Maček (since 1995)
Edi Semeja
Marjan Rolc
Janez Per
Anita Zore (since 2005)
Miha Možina
former members
Jože Burnik (1973-1983)
Jože Antonič
Trumpet, flugelhorn
Ivan Prešern (until 1995)
Clarinet, saxophone
Vinko Sitar (until 1995)
Ivanka Kraševec-Prešern (until 1995)
Oto Pestner (until 1995)
Guest members
Alenka Semeja

The Alpenoberkrainer (Slovenian Alpski kvintet ) are a folk music group from Slovenia .

The group, whose recordings are always published in two languages ​​(German and Slovene) with a few exceptions, is one of the representatives of the so-called Oberkrainermusik .


In 1966, a businessman from Alsace needed a music group to perform in his restaurant. Jože Antonič then founded the group together with friends.

The big breakthrough came with the instrumental title Good Morning , composed by the accordionist Jože Burnik at the time. In German-speaking countries, however, the song Mädel aus Krain and the instrumental polka Schöne Urlaubzeit are best known.

Thanks to a revolutionary playing technique on the baritone horn , Janez and his baritone were able to post another success in the early 1980s.

For health reasons Burnik had to leave the group in 1983, his successor was Edi Semeja.

At the beginning of the 1990s, after the departure of the singer Oto Pestner , who sang in a duet with Ivanka Kraševec-Prešern, a vocal trio was used for several years, but in 1995 the line-up was changed significantly. After Jože Antonič became mayor of the Slovenian city of Bled , Marjan Rolc joined them.

After another staff change, the group has experienced a new high since 2005.

The musical difference to Slavko Avsenik and his Original Oberkrainern is the emphasis on the trumpet and the accordion, despite the same instrumentation, while Avsenik placed the clarinet in the foreground. The best example of this difference are the instrumental pieces Sirenen-Polka and the waltz Hirtenlied by Avsenik and his original Oberkrainern and Ivan plays on or morning sun from the Alpenoberkrainern.

While in Avsenik the solo of the clarinet was mostly dominated by Albin Rudan, in the case of the Alpenoberkrainers the trumpeter Ivan Présern was in the foreground, who always gave the songs that certain "something" through his brilliant ability, today Damir Tkavc stands in his place.


The Alpenoberkrainer have produced over 40 sound carriers in German, all of which have been released exclusively by the record company VM-records since 1980 .

In Slovenia, the sound carriers sung in Slovenian are distributed by the record company flexible VM .

Well-known titles

  • Nice vacation time
  • Good Morning
  • Traditional costume festival
  • My girl from Carniola
  • Janez and his baritone
  • In the western cellar
  • The Jägermeier
  • Ivan plays
  • Holidays in Tyrol
  • Over'n Loibl Pass
  • Drive to Munich
  • morning sun
  • At the Jakob in Maschwanden

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