The bill - served ice cold

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German title The bill - served ice cold
Original title The bill - served ice cold;
Un cercueil de diamants
The bill served ice cold Logo 001.svg
Country of production Germany
Publishing year 1966
length 98 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Helmuth Ashley
script Georg Hurdalek
production Constantin Film GmbH;
Allianz Filmproduktion, Berlin ( Heinz Willeg );
Prodex, Paris
music Peter Thomas
camera Franz X. Lederle
cut Alfred Srp

The Bill - Served Ice Cold is the fourth film (and the last in black and white) in the Jerry Cotton series from the 1960s.


A gang around Charles Anderson wants to rob a money truck from the New York Treasury. To do this, they need the help of the chemist Tommy Wheeler. A second gang watches the preparations for the robbery and forces Wheeler to change sides. Wheeler is hunted as a traitor by Anderson and is killed in a car chase.

The raid itself is proceeding according to plan. Anderson then kidnaps Wheeler's girlfriend Violet in order to get to the man behind him. The kidnapped Violet calls Jerry Cotton for help; however, the phone call is tapped by Anderson, who now thinks Jerry Cotton is Wheeler's accomplice. In truth, it is with Wheeler's backers to the chief inspector of the Treasury, Davis, and his assistant Stanley. Jerry Cotton is arrested while trying to free Violet.

Davis and Stanley can assert themselves against Anderson and his people and take control of the loot; but they pretend to give the gang a third of the booty. Davis however sets a trap for Anderson's men, and they are arrested by the FBI. Anderson himself is shot by Stanley. Davis and Stanley flee with the loot in a helicopter. Jerry Cotton can free himself and Violet. He hangs himself on the helicopter and forces it to make an emergency landing. Davis and Stanley are arrested.


role actor Voice actor
Jerry Cotton George Nader Heinz Engelmann
John M. Clark Walter Rilla Erwin Linder
George Davis Ullrich Haupt Gert Günther Hoffmann
Happy Axel Scholtz Friedrich Schuetter
Caruso Ilija Ivezić Uwe Friedrichsen
Mr. High Richard Münch Thomas Reiner
Mary Birch Bruck Gisela Trowe
Chuck Pierre Richard Günther Jerschke


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The lexicon of international film describes the film as a “trivial crime thriller” , the Heyne film lexicon (1996) calls it “involuntarily funny due to the technical weaknesses.” The Protestant film observer sums up his criticism as follows: “In terms of style and quality of his The series film hardly deviates from its predecessors, but it does stand out from other agent films. "

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