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Part of an American breakfast

American breakfast (English for American breakfast ) is a sumptuous breakfast with eg bacon , small sausages, scrambled eggs and hash browns , pancakes with maple syrup and cereal , toast , biscuits , sausage gravy , butter , jam , fruit, plus coffee , fruit juice, etc.

The eggs are usually in the form of scrambled eggs ( scrambled ) or fried ( fried served). A distinction is made between several types of preparation for fried eggs: When ordering in a restaurant or diner , you state whether you want to "not turn it over" ( sunny side up ), " turn it over briefly" ( over easy ) or "stay on the yolk side for a longer period of time" ( over medium ) would like to have fried. Lost eggs are often offered as Eggs Benedict . Boiled eggs , on the other hand, are not very common. Ham and eggsas part of the American breakfast go back to Edward Bernays , the father of public relations .

In contrast to the usual breakfast buffet in Central Europe, warm dishes are always part of the menu. The counterpart to the American breakfast is the European breakfast , also known as the continental breakfast .

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