American Conquest

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American Conquest - Three Centuries of War
American Conquest Logo.gif
Studio GSC Game World
Publisher cdv software entertainment
EuropeEuropeNovember 15, 2002 February 6, 2003
North AmericaNorth America
platform Windows
genre Real-time strategy
Game mode Single player , multiplayer
control Keyboard , mouse
system advantages
Pentium 2 450 MHz, 64 MB RAM , 12x CD-ROM drive, hard disk: 1.3 GB free DirectX 8.0, Windows 95, 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
medium 1 CD , Fight Back: 1 DVD
language German
Age rating
USK released from 12
PEGI recommended for ages 12+

American Conquest is one of GSC Game World developed real-time strategy , which in November 2002 by cdv Software Entertainment for Windows - PCs was released. Due to the very extensive scenarios in which up to 16,000 individual units occur at the same time, it is one of the best-known and most extensive strategy games from Germany. By April 2003 it had been sold 150,000 times. The company GSC Game World from Ukraine also developed the successful Cossacks game series , of which more than 2.5 million copies were sold worldwide (as of December 2004). The game series is also sold as the American Conquest - Anthology , which includes all three games.

In multiplayer mode, up to seven players can compete against each other in six historical battles at the same time.


As the title of the game suggests, the goal of the game is to conquer the American continent . The twelve playable nations are Spain , the Maya , the USA , the Delawars , England , the Iroquois , the Inca , the Hurons , France , the Aztecs , the Pueblos and the Sioux , with whom you build a civilization and finally train troops to fight in great battles against opposing armies. The player takes on the role of various historical figures such as Francisco Pizarro or George Washington in eight campaigns . In these campaigns with a total of 42 scenarios, you play out numerous historical conflicts such as Cortez 'expedition, the Battle of Tecumseh , the Seven Years War or the American War of Independence and go with up to 16,000 soldiers in epic real-time battles on 2D isometric terrain (the camera perspective can be changed Don `t change).

Fight back

Fight Back is the add-on for American Conquest released in September 2003 , which can also be played without the full version ( stand-alone ). The expansion features a new campaign with dozen new scenarios, five new races and over fifty new units. The new nations are Germany , Russia , Haida , Portugal and Holland .

The sales figures of over 80,000 pieces achieved in the 2003 financial year can be regarded as quite successful for an add-on from a German publisher.

Divided Nation

American Conquest: Divided Nation logo

Divided Nation was released in February 2006 and like Fight Back can be played without the basic version. The plot revolves around the civil war in America in this so-called stand-alone version . New nations are the CSA ( Confederate States of America ), Mexico and Texas .

The game comes up again with a population limit of 16,000 units.

However, the gameplay has been changed compared to the two previous parts. So here the battles in the campaign mode are in the foreground and there is no longer any focus on building. For this, the morale of the units is given greater importance than before. In the game, among other Lee General playable.