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The name America generally stands for:

The name America denotes in the arts and media:

America is the name of the following places:

  • America (Garrel) , district of the municipality Garrel (district Cloppenburg) in Lower Saxony
  • America (Penig) , district of the city of Penig (Central Saxony district) in Saxony
  • America (Drenthe) , a village in the Netherlands (province of Noordenveld)
  • America (Friedeburg) , part of the municipality of Friedeburg , Wittmund district, Lower Saxony
  • America Monastery, a settlement in the district of Hovel, town of Wittmund , district of Wittmund, Lower Saxony
  • New America (Schlettau) , a district of Schlettau in Saxony
  • America (Thailand) , Monkey Island in northern Thailand
  • America , historical name of Dybowen (Gut), 1938 to 1945 Diebau (Gut), Johannisburg District, East Prussia, since 1945: Dybówko , Powiat Ełcki, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland

America is the name of several ships, see list of ships named America , including:

  • Celtic (ship, 1872) , a passenger ship put into service in 1872, later America of the Danish shipping company Thingvalla-Linie
  • America (ship, 1905) , a passenger ship put into service in 1905 by the German shipping company HAPAG
  • Amerika (Schiff, 1930) , a passenger ship put into service in 1930 by the Danish shipping company Det Østasiatiske Kompagni

America is the family name of:

America still stands for:

  • America (train) , the code name of the special train that Adolf Hitler used during World War II

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