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As official card one by a public institution (is official , authority ) in public functions published map called. Official cards are used for public services and security and are often based on a law or regulation. They are either edited and produced by the issuing institution itself or produced on their behalf by a private cartography company .


Typical official cards include:

Using map construction programs and computer-aided presentation and visualization techniques, official maps in analog or digital form are now often derived from corresponding databases. Intermediate products in the form of graphically oriented vector data and image-oriented raster data are created in a production chain from object-structured data , before the analog map is output on the screen, printing plate or paper. It is currently controversial whether only the analog end product, an intermediate product or even the initial database has the property of an official card. The working group of the surveying administrations of the federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany (AdV), for example, has given the spatial information systems AFIS , ALKIS and ATKIS the official attribute , which is expressed in the A of the respective acronym.

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