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Status of the introduction of ALKIS (as of August 2015)
  • Operation since 2010
  • Operation from 2011
  • Operation from 2013
  • Operation from 2014
  • Operation from 2015
  • The official real estate cadastre information system ( ALKIS ) replaces the automated real estate map (ALK) and the automated real estate book (ALB) in Germany by combining this information in one system. ALKIS was developed by the working group of the surveying administrations of the federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany (AdV) .

    Data structure

    The data structure of ALKIS is essentially determined by the XML exchange format used , the standards-based exchange interface (NAS), which serves as the data interface for the AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS model . NAS thus replaces the EDBS , BGRUND , SQD and DFK formats previously used for data exchange in the ALK . EDBS had a higher information density, but because of its coding it could not be interpreted by laypeople and was also not nationally standardized. The data storage in the state surveying authorities and the data transfer to their customers takes place after the changeover preferably in NAS format and in the ETRS89 / UTM coordinate system instead of in the Gauß-Krüger coordinate system as before . Upon request, the authorities provide their data, e.g. Some of them are also available in other formats and reference systems.

    Procedure introduction

    Since in the Federal Republic of Germany the surveying system and thus also the real estate cadastre is sovereignly organized at the level of the federal states , each federal state was responsible for the strategy and the schedule for the introduction of ALKIS. Various reasons led to several years of delays in the introduction, which was originally planned for 2007 nationwide.

    The changeover of the coordinate systems from Gauß-Krüger to UTM did not take place at the same time, but was partially migrated separately: In Baden-Württemberg, the UTM changeover is not expected before the end of 2017 [obsolete] ; In Bavaria, the changeover will take place at the turn of the year 2018/2019 with a transition period of one year; in Brandenburg, ETRS89 / UTM were already introduced before ALKIS; Saarland is the only federal state that wants to remain in the GK reference system, but also wants to offer converted UTM coordinates.

    country Change started Operation from Comment, for example on migration
    Baden-Württemberg July 2011 May 2013 (independent cities: December 2015) Migration was carried out by
    districts separately by 2015.
    The original estimate was half a year of changeover.
    Bavaria April 2013 December 2015 Migration took place successively for each measurement district, starting with Amberg .
    Berlin July 2015 December 2015 Migration took place as an overall area
    . The Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment was responsible for the implementation of the ALKIS.
    Brandenburg January 2012 March 2013 Migration took place as a whole.
    Bremen September 2014 November 2014 Migration should be done separately in 2 parts.
    Hamburg October 2009 March 2010 Migration took place on a district basis.
    Hesse 3rd quarter 2009 February 2010 Migration took place on a community basis. First federal state with full implementation, initially based on GeoInfoDok 5.1.1 K2. The switch to GeoInfoDok 6.0.1 made a second migration necessary, which took place from May 14th to 31st, 2013.
    Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania October 2014 February 2015 Migration took place in corridors.
    Nationwide production start: February 2015
    Lower Saxony March 2011 October 2011 Migration took place by mark
    North Rhine-Westphalia 3rd quarter 2008 December 2015 Migration takes place according to land registry offices; the district administrations switch to ALKIS independently of each other.
    The Lippe district started in the 3rd quarter of 2008. At the end of 2012, around two thirds of the land registry offices had introduced ALKIS; in December 2015 the change took place in the last offices, including Recklinghausen.
    Rhineland-Palatinate July 2010 December 2010 Migration took place by mark.
    The changeover began in Pirmasens .
    Saarland January 2015 June 2015 Migration takes place by district.
    Saxony October 2013 2nd quarter 2015 Migration takes place on a communal basis or by district.
    Beginning with the district of Görlitz, ending with independent cities.
    Saxony-Anhalt January 2014 October 2014 Migration takes place floor by floor.
    Schleswig-Holstein April 2011 August 2011 Migration took place in corridors.
    Thuringia June 2013 1st half of 2014 Migration took place by district or by municipality.
    Primary source: AAA survey results of the AdV; As of February 2017 , supplemented by further information from the above Swell.
    Reliable new information is expected in spring 2018.

    Thus, all land surveying administrations have been offering ALKIS data since 2015 and the previous ALK with the data format EDBS has been replaced. Coordinate systems still partially deviating.


    In the course of the changeover to ALKIS, the measurement and data storage of previously mandatory detailed objects, such as sidewalks and hard shoulders, which are no longer kept in official databases, was switched off due to cost-saving measures by most of the land surveying offices. On the other hand, the more precisely ascertainable data lead to a change in the database, which falsifies the statistical evaluations by other state offices (when compared with data from the previous system).

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