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Andreas Kroh (* 1976 in Vienna ) is an Austrian paleontologist at the Natural History Museum Vienna . He is a specialist in fossil and recent sea ​​urchins ( Echinodermata ) and their systematics (using cladistic methods ).


Kroh studied geology and palaeontology at the University of Vienna with a diploma in 2000 ( Lower Miocene Echinoids from Gebel Gharra, Egypt (Systematics and Palaeoecology) ) and at the University of Graz with a doctorate in 2004 ( Neogene Echinoderms of the Central Paratethys (Revision of the Echinoids; Palaeoecology, Biodiversity & Biogeogeography of the Paratethyan Echinoderm Fauna) ). He supervised databases and carried out research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and has been at the Natural History Museum Vienna since 2005, where he designed the dinosaur hall and the GaiaSphere room - Die Erde als System , publishes series A of the in-house journal Annalen of the Natural History Museum in Vienna and oversees the international database World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) (he has been a member of its steering committee since 2013) and OeTyp (Catalog of Palaeontological Types in Austrian Collections).


2014 he was awarded with Jörn Peckmann the Friedrich von Alberti Award , for his contribution to the sustainable protection and publication of the paleontological type material in Austria and its excellent work, especially on fossil sea urchins, in which he combines classic and modern phylogenetic methods and contributes to the sustainability of palaeontology (laudation by Mike Reich).


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  • 2009: The disappeared sea: the world of fossils in the Weinviertel region . Vienna, Natural History Museum. ISBN 978-3-902421-42-5
  • 2009: Gaia sphere - the earth as a system . Vienna, Natural History Museum. ISBN 978-3-902421-39-5
  • 2011: Jakob Friedrich van der Nüll: Upper citizens and collectors in Vienna at the turn of the 19th century . Vienna, publishing house of the Natural History Museum. ISBN 978-3-902421-56-2
  • 2011: Dinosaurs: the terrible lizards of prehistoric times . Vienna, Natural History Museum. ISBN 978-3-902421-57-9

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