Andreas Müller (soccer player, 1958)

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Andreas Müller (born September 7, 1958 in Karl-Marx-Stadt ) was a football player in the GDR Oberliga , the top division of the East German Football Association. He played there for FC Karl-Marx-Stadt . Müller is a 16-time junior national player.

Müller began his football career at the company sports community (SG) Post Karl-Marx-Stadt. In 1970 he was delegated to the soccer center FC Karl-Marx-Stadt, where he ran through the youth teams from the children's team to the juniors. In 1976 he was accepted into the squad of the GDR junior national team and played 16 junior internationals with her until 1977. He was always called up as a striker. After finishing school, Müller learned the trade of mechanical engineer.

For the 1977/78 season, Müller was nominated for the first time for the league squad of FC Karl-Marx-Stadt. In his first league season he completed all 26 point games, usually as a striker . From 1980 on, the 1.74 meter tall Müller was used as a midfielder, although he was only absent on a few match days in the individual seasons. In 1986/87 he played the last season for FCK at the age of 28. During the 1987/88 season he came only once on the 4th game day as a midfielder for use. So he had completed 238 league point games for FC Karl-Marx-Stadt within eleven seasons, in which he scored 21 goals.

In the 1988/89 season Andreas Müller played for the relegated league Stahl Riesa in the second-rate GDR league . In the summer of 1989 he returned to Karl-Marx-Stadt and joined the GDR league team Motor Fritz Heckert and later his successor club Chemnitz Sportverein 51 Heckert . Müller finally ended his career as a soccer player in 1997 at BSC Freiberg .


  • 1977 to 1988: FC Karl-Marx-Stadt
  • 1988 to 1989: BSG Stahl Riesa
  • 1989 to 1992: Chemnitzer SV 1951
  • BSC Freiberg


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