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Peter Helmkamp at Party.San 2016
Peter Helmkamp at Party.San 2016
General information
Genre (s) Black metal , death metal
founding 1995, 2006
resolution 1999, 2009
Last occupation
Vocals and bass
Pete Helmkamp
Gene Palubicki
Kelly McLauchlin
Terry "Warhead"
former members
Bill Taylor
Tony Laureano
John Longstreth
Paul Collier
Gene Palubicki at the Party.San 2016

Angel Corpse ( Engl. Angel's body ) was a death metal band from Tampa , Florida , USA .

Band history

The band was founded in Kansas in 1995, after the first demo that was not very high quality, the band received a recording contract with the French label Osmose Productions . The actual debut, Hammer of Gods, is still very raw and is characterized by Gene's guitar playing and the nagging vocals of Pete Helmkamp (Ex- Order from Chaos ). The second album Exterminate seems much more mature in the songwriting and impresses with absolutely to the point, fast Death Metal without frills. The Inexorable as the third work then makes the leap to technically influenced death metal. By changing the line-up on the drums, which was recorded by Tony Laureano on this album, Angelcorpse go faster, harder and with a much more professional sound. By lines of text on this album such as "Hard as Krupp's steel" ("Hart wie Kruppstahl ") or "Weltmacht oder Niedergang" and the fact that some band members are bald, there were allegations that the band was right - wing extremist . However, if you put all the works published up to then thematically in context, you will notice that they are all about war, destruction and Satanism . The band never clearly distanced themselves from fascist beliefs. Pete Helmkamp cannot be clearly differentiated from fascistoid ideas even through his literary publications ; however, he himself shows a fascination with all forms of extremes and a disinterest, for example, in the skin color of the Afro-Canadian blasphemy guitarist Caller of the Storms.

Angelcorpse broke up in 1999 due to internal band problems that arose after a tour bus accident. After the band repeatedly denied rumors of a reunion, Angelcorpse was active again since 2006. In addition to the band founders Pete Helkamp and Gene Palubicki, original founding member John Longstreth also recorded the new album, but has not been confirmed as a permanent member of the band. Of Lucifer and Lightning , published in 2007, clearly goes back to the roots of the band. In terms of the text, satanistic ideas are clearly in the foreground.

In April 2009 the band broke up for the second time, only to reunite in 2015. In 2016, for example, Angelcorpse played at the Party.San Metal Open Air .


  • Goats to Azazael (tape demo) - 1995
  • Hammer of Gods - 1996 (LP lim. 1000)
  • Nuclear Hell (single-7 ″) - 1997
  • Wolflust (single-7 ″) - 1997
  • Exterminate - 1998 (LP lim. 1000)
  • Winds of Desecration (Split EP) - 1999
  • The Inexorable - 1999 (LP lim. 1000)
  • Iron, Blood and Blasphemy (Best-of / Coverversionen / Goats of Azazael Demo) - 2000
  • Death Dragons of the Apocalypse (Live Bootleg) - 2002
  • Of Lucifer and Lightning - 2007 (LP lim. 1000)

Individual evidence

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