Anne on Green Gables (TV series)

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Television series
German title Anne on Green Gables
Original title Anne of Green Gables
Country of production Canada
original language English
year 1985
length 199 minutes in total
Director Kevin Sullivan
production Ian McDougall , Kevin Sullivan
music Hagood Hardy
First broadcast December 5, 1985 (Canada) on CBC

Anne on Green Gables is the first part of a miniseries for children from 1985. The model was the children's book Anne on Green Gables by the Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery . The series was broadcast in a total of 145 countries. In Germany, ZDF showed them in 1986.

Anne on Green Gables consists of four episodes, the sequel broadcast under the title Anne in Kingsport has five episodes.

The role of Anne is played by the actress Megan Follows . For both series, she received a Gemini Award in 1986 and 1988 for the best female lead in a Canadian miniseries.

In 2015 a three-part new version was produced in Canada.


Anne on Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables told the story of the orphan Anne Shirley, who was mistaken for the Cuthberts in Green Gables in Avonlea on Prince Edward Island in Canada in the late 19th century. The older siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert were actually expecting a boy to help them with the farm work. The babbling Anne, blooming with fantasy and always dreaming, wins the heart of the shy Matthew straight away. His sister Marilla, on the other hand, is very serious towards Anne at first. After much thought, the Cuthberts decide to keep the girl after all.

On a Sunday picnic, Anne meets her "best friend" Diana Barry. On her first day of school, Anne clashes with the heartthrob Gilbert Blythe. Gilbert calls her "carrot" for fun and has no idea what the consequences will be. Anne's sore point is her red hair. In anger, she smashes the slate on Gilbert's head. Years of "enmity" begin because Anne resolves never to forgive him.

The years go by and Anne has great success in school. She even wins the Avery Scholarship for Top Grade in Literature. When she returns to Avonlea, Matthew dies. Marilla is forced to sell the farm because her health is not good either. But Anne doesn't want to know anything about it. She waives the scholarship and instead wants to take up a job as a teacher in Carmody so that Marilla is not alone. And Anne finally realizes that she doesn't have an enemy in Gilbert, but a friend. He doesn't go to college either, but swaps his teaching post in Avonlea with Anne so that she can stay close to Marilla.

Anne in Kingsport

In 1987, the five-part sequel Anne in Kingsport followed (original title: Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel ), which was broadcast in German by ZDF in 1988 and ORF in 1989.

Anne, now a teacher in Avonlea, has finally made peace with Gilbert Blythe after many years. He also encourages her to pursue her dream of writing. However, he thinks she shouldn't write cheesy romance novels, but true stories.

To her great disappointment, her friend Diana Barry marries the honest Fred Wright. When Gilbert Anne also proposes marriage, she firmly rejects him. Instead, she takes a job at a girls boarding school in Kingsport. She immediately developed a deep friendship with her student Emmeline Harris. But her other students don't make it easy for her. The relationship with Katherine Brook, the director of the boarding school, is just as difficult. Katherine is cold and dismissive, but secretly jealous of Anne, who is gaining more and more admiration in Kingsport with her open manner. She also manages to get the feuding Pringle and Harris families to respect her.

A friendship develops with Emmeline's stubborn, always complaining and hypochondriac grandmother. Anne manages that Emmeline is finally noticed by her father Morgan Harris. By chance she meets Gilbert in Kingsport, who is now studying medicine. He tells her about his upcoming wedding and again encourages her to write a story about Avonlea. Morgan Harris, very impressed by Anne, proposes to her. But Anne refuses. She wants to go home. Once there, she learns that Gilbert is seriously ill. She now realizes that she loves him too. After a few days he recovers and both finally find each other.

The German title is misleading as the series from the novel Anne in Kingsport only takes up Gilbert's illness. Most of the series (the events around the girls' school), however, is a fairly free adaptation of the fourth volume Anne in Windy Willows . The Harris family does not exist in the original. Daughter Emmeline is a mixture of the characters of the schoolgirl Sophie (it is she who spontaneously takes the lead role in the performance of Maria Stuart after the actual leading actress called in sick out of malice against Anne) and the unhappy, neglected neighbor child “the little one Elisabeth ". Morgan Harris has no specific equivalent in the book, in particular Anne has no romance during her time at girls' school, as she is already engaged to Gilbert by that time. The figures of the imperious grandmother and her frightened daughter Pauline, on the other hand, appear in exactly the same way, but in a completely different context. As in the film adaptation, the novel's Katherine Brook is a woman very bitter because of her difficult life. However, she is not an older lady, but rather young at 28 years old. Besides, Anne is not the headmistress, but Anne, which increases Katherine's bitterness as her own application was ignored and the younger Anne was preferred to her.

Anne on Green Gables - Life goes on

A third season filmed in Canada under the title Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story from 2000, which shows the protagonist Anne Shirley as an adult, has now also been published in German-speaking countries.

Anne gets a job as an editor and proofreader at a renowned publishing house in New York. Here she meets the dashing author Jack Garrison Jr., who uses Anne's manuscript for his own purposes and knows how to cleverly wrap it around his little finger. When the book is published under his name, Anne quits and leaves New York with Gilbert, who has meanwhile also submitted his resignation to a clinic. They both return to Green Gables and get married. A short time later, Gilbert decides to defend his fatherland on the front in Europe. But he only does this indirectly: as a doctor in hospitals. Anne and her friend soon receive news that their husbands are missing. So Anne sets out to look for Gilbert.

As an employee of the Red Cross, she made it to one of the front lines, where she found Gilbert when he had to leave the hospital because of an attack. But she loses sight of him. She also meets Jack Garrison, who works for the Americans as a war correspondent, but also skillfully uses his skills as a spy. He is on the run with a woman and his young son. When the woman dies in an attack, Anne takes the child and experiences some turbulent events with it, which as a disguised nun take her to Belgium.

Here she can give Jack his son back. This now helps her to find Gilbert. In Germany she runs into Gilbert by chance. They flee with Jack to return to Canada. On the way, Jack is caught and shot by a killer.

Anne returns home with Gilbert, and both of them try to get Jack's son admitted. At the Bright River train station, where Anne was picked up by Matthew Cuthbert as an orphan, Anne welcomes little Dominic with a beam of joy.

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