Antoine Émile Henry Labeyrie

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Antoine Émile Henry Labeyrie (born May 12, 1943 in Paris ) is a French astronomer .


Labeyrie completed his engineering studies at the École supérieure d'optique , one of the Grandes écoles , in 1966 and received his doctorate in 1970. He is a professor at the Collège de France . His laboratory for interferometry of stars and exoplanets (Laboratoire d'Interférométrie Stellaire et Exo-planétaire, LISE) is located at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence . Since 1999 he has been a full member of the Academia Europaea .

Labeyries research area is optics , especially interferometry techniques . He developed the speckle interferometry . He is currently working on the concept of a "hyperteloscope" (also known as the Exo Earth Imager ), an interferometer that combines a fleet of space telescopes and is large enough to be able to resolve structures on exoplanets .


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