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Applesauce , apple puree or apple compote is a puree made from apples .

Passing cooked apples using a mill (for making apple sauce)

To make applesauce, the apples are first separated from the core , possibly peeled, cut into small pieces and boiled. Depending on the type of apple used, the pulp disintegrates to different degrees during cooking and can turn from yellow to pale pink or dark rusty red, which follows from the oxidation products of the fruit acids and the color of the peel, if it is also processed. Preference is given to the beautiful from Boskoop , which due to its high acid content has a natural yellow color and disintegrates evenly. After boiling, the applesauce can z. They can be mashed with a “ Flotten Lotte ” (name in Switzerland: Passevite) or a hand blender and then seasoned with sugar and cinnamon . Sometimes the apples are also served with raisins or other fruits, e.g. B. apricots , cooked.

Alternatively, the apples can be cooked in the whole and then through a sieve or using a food mill happens to be.

Applesauce is served as a dessert , pure or z. B. eaten with rice pudding. It can also be used as an accompaniment to spicy dishes such as potato pancakes, or for sauerbraten or Christmas goose . In Switzerland it is a popular side dish to Älplermagronen .

Grocery store applesauce is usually sweetened; Pure applesauce without any other additives (apart from ascorbic acid as an antioxidant ) is sold under the name apple pulp and is usually only available as an organic product.

As apple foam is called a dessert, in which under the applesauce either cream beaten stiff or egg whites are lifted. Apple foam has a lighter consistency than pure applesauce.

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