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A bowl of pear compote

A compote ( French compote "mixture") is a dessert , usually made from cooked or preserved fruit . Compote can also be made from vegetables such as rhubarb . Compote fruits have been produced as canned fruit in the household and also industrially since the 19th century . Steamed fruit or steamed fruit are not compotes.

Compote is made from whole or divided fruit such as pears , cherries or plums . The fruit is gently cooked in a liquid such as water, syrup , fruit juice or wine . Spices such as cinnamon and cloves are often added. The compote can be served cold or warm, or it is boiled down in mason jars.

In some parts of the German language area also to be mush cooked fruit (such as apple sauce with or without fruit) or desserts compote called. Occasionally (for example in Saxony) the term compote is used as a synonym for dessert in general.

Compote is served for dessert or is an accompaniment to desserts such as semolina . Compote is also offered as a side dish to game and poultry dishes , often a pear cooked in red wine .

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