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Beef sauerbraten - during marinating
Saxon sauerbraten
Bohemian sauerbraten with cranberries and dumplings

A sauerbraten is a braised roast pretreated by marinating in a marinade made from vinegar and other ingredients for several days . The sauerbraten in its various regional variants is a well-known traditional dish in German cuisine .


The raw meat is first put in a marinade made from vinegar , water or wine , onions , carrots and spices such as bay leaves , cloves and peppercorns for several days under cool conditions . Traditionally, the roast to be marinated was stored in the cellar at a maximum of 12 to 14 degrees Celsius; modern hygiene regulations in the catering industry only allow storage temperatures in the lower single-digit range. Before roasting , the meat must be dried carefully, otherwise it cannot be seared well. After searing the meat is extinguished with the marinade and topped up with stock or water for braising . The sauce is flavored with a sweetener. As side dishes , for example, dumplings , pasta and salad recommended.


A selection of well-known variants are Rhenish , Badischer , Swabian , Franconian , Saxon , Dresden, Westphalian and Thurgauer Sauerbraten. The Emmentaler style sauerbraten is called Suure Mocke in Bern German . In addition to beef and horse meat , pork , rabbit or venison are also rarely served as sauerbraten.

Rhenish sauerbraten

Rhenish sauerbraten

Traditionally, horse meat was used in the Rhenish Sauerbraten. Since the meat of old horses was tough, it had to be softened by the stain. However, since the supply and consumption of horse meat has decreased significantly in recent decades, it is now mostly made from beef. The sauce is prepared regionally differently with or without raisins , part of the marinade and sweeteners to give it the desired sweet and sour taste. Sweeteners are traditionally sugar beet syrup , apple cabbage , Aachener Printen or gingerbread . The pastries also serve instead of or together with flour or cornstarch to bind the sauce.

Classic side dishes for Rhenish sauerbraten are potato dumplings and applesauce , often served with boiled potatoes or noodles and red cabbage , and more rarely with baked fruit.

The Pepse, also Rheinische Pepse is a pork marinated beef on the Rhine Art. This is preferably a piece of pork leg or shoulder use.

Baden sauerbraten

The Baden Sauerbraten is essentially different from the Rhenish Sauerbraten in that it is almost exclusively made from beef and has no sweeteners such as sugar beet syrup . In addition, no raisins are added to the Baden Sauerbraten, which gives the dish a more sour character than the Rhenish Sauerbraten. A portion of the stain is used for the sauce, which usually with flour, gingerbread or a slightly toasted roux will thicken.

The meat marinates in the marinade for at least one week, which also includes various spices such as garlic , cloves , mustard seeds , bay leaves , onions and coriander seeds or gingerbread as a spice substitute . The use of garlic and gingerbread spices distinguishes the Baden Sauerbraten from many other regional variations. Sometimes the vinegar for the stain is replaced by dry red wine or mixed with it. The stain is stronger in taste and color. Traditionally, spaetzle and red cabbage are served with Baden sauerbraten . Other cabbage vegetables or different types of dumplings also serve as a side dish .

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