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The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialpolitischer Arbeitskreise (AG SPAK) is an association founded in 1970 that networks project areas of social policy and provides scientific support for project work.


The Protestant and Catholic student communities in Germany had developed joint social policy working groups in the 1960s , which came together to form a working group with different focuses. Scientific as well as political and emancipatory work were in the foreground.


The AG SPAK sees its tasks in

  • the "structural and financial aid for self-organized initiatives and self-help groups " ,
  • the implementation of a "Social Policy Forum" that takes place every two years and various conferences to combine social policy initiatives and create new ones,
  • the initiation and implementation of campaigns, which should show ways for an "emancipatory future" for the state (example: " subsistence money for all"), as well as
  • the development and discussion of concepts of alternative economies and an alternative social policy as models for a "solidarity economy" .

working area

The AG SPAK maintains various work areas that are active in

In August 2006 the following work areas exist:

  • Outpatient support services / assistance cooperatives
  • Exchange rings / social reports
  • New outpatient measures (JGG § 10)
  • Subsistence allowance / social assistance
  • Youth environmental projects
  • Theory Working Group Alternative Economy
  • Children's and youth center at Göhrde station
  • Community work / community economy
  • psychiatry
  • Freire working group
  • Cultural work
  • Youth housing communities
  • archive

The starting point when working in the various areas is that those affected are regarded as experts.


The SPAK working group consists of contact persons and groups who are active in the various work areas. This work is coordinated by the federal office.

In 1990 the Sozialpolitische Gesellschaft eV was founded as a sister organization of the AG SPAK in order to promote the work of the AG SPAK and to open up new opportunities for cooperation.

Communication takes place via circulars, the publication of newsletters and a forum on the Internet. Publications are published by Verlag AG SPAK Bücher .

The seminars take place under the label Social Policy Academy SPAK .

The office is located on the premises of the Eulenspiegel culture and meeting place in Wasserburg (Lake Constance) .

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