Archidamos III.

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Bust of Archidamos III. from the Villa dei Papiri of Herculaneum . Museo Archeologico Nazionale , Naples .

Archidamos III. (* around 400 BC ; † 338 BC ) was King of Sparta , from the family of the Eurypontids , son of Agesilaos II. , he led from 371 BC. Several times the Spartan army. He organized the Sparta resistance against Epaminondas .

Around 359/358 BC He replaced his father Agesilaus II on the throne when he was on an expedition in Egypt . As king he supported Phocis against Thebes on the occasion of the 3rd Holy War . From Sparta's daughter city Taranto in 344/343 BC. Called for help, he fought against the Lucanians and Messapians , was in 338 BC. Defeated in BC and fell in the battle near Manduria near Taranto.


predecessor Office successor
Agesilaus II King of Sparta
359 / 358–338 BC Chr.
Agis III.