338 BC Chr.

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338 BC Chr.
Macedonia 336 BC  BC, Corinthian League yellow
After the lost battle of Chaironeia
, the Corinthian League is concluded.
338 BC Chr. In other calendars
Buddhist calendar 206/207 (southern Buddhism); 205/206 (alternative calculation according to Buddha's Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 39th (40th) cycle , year of the water sheep癸未 ( at the beginning of the year water horse 壬午)
Greek calendar 2nd / 3rd Year of the 110th Olympiad
Jewish calendar 3423/24
Roman calendar from urbe condita CDXVI (416)



Battle of Chaironeia

Middle East

  • The eunuch and court minister from Egypt Bagoas poisoned the Persian great king Artaxerxes III. , presumably because this after the conquest of Egypt the sacred and several of his sons Apis bull of Memphis has let kill. Then he has the corpse of the great king thrown to the animals to eat. The youngest son Arses , spared by Bagoas, succeeds his father in the Achaemenid Empire as the minister’s puppet .

Roman expansion

  • The Romans, under the command of Manlius Imperiosus, defeat the Latins , Volscians and Auruncians in the Battle of Trifanum . The Roman general Furius triumphs over Pedum and Tribur, while Manlius triumphs over Antium, Lavinium and Velitrae. The decisive factor is the victory over the Volscians in a sea battle off the Latin coast. The Romans display the beaks of the six captured ships on the Rostra .
  • The Romans emerge victorious from the Latin War and subjugate the Latin League of Cities . Aricia, Lanuvium , Nomentum, Pedum and Rusculum were given citizenship, Capua, Cumae, Formiae, Fundi and Suessula were given civil law equality with Rome.

Empire of China

see main article of the Chinese Empire

Statue of Shang Yang ( Chinese   商鞅 )
  • Warring States Period : Huiwen succeeds Xiao in Qin State . To secure his sole rule, Huiwen has the minister Shang Yang executed, who has made Qin the most powerful Chinese state with his reforms .


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