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The Volsker (Latin: Volsci ) were an Italian tribe belonging to the Oscar-Umbrian language group .

Originally probably coming from Volsinii in Etruria , the Volscians emigrated to Latium , where they settled in the Volsker Mountains (today Monti Lepini ) and in the Lirital .

Since the 6th century BC They waged war against Rome again and again , mostly together with the neighboring aequers . In the 5th century BC The mountain range of Algidus appears several times as a gathering point for the allies. The Romans only finally succeeded in the years 338–329 BC. To subdue the Volscians. They granted them the status of allies and gave them Latin citizenship .


Only a few shorter inscriptions are known of the language of the Volscians :

  • an owner's inscription from the first half of the 5th century BC Chr.
  • a bronze plaque with a religious regulation from the 3rd century BC BC, which possibly comes from Velitrae ( Velletri )
  • a bronze plaque with an inscription from Antinum in the Liristal

These few documents show a close relationship with Umbrian within Oskisch- Umbrian ; speak for this in particular

  • the position of the father's first name between the own first name and the gentile name: Ma. Approx. Tafanies "Maraeus Tafanius, the son of Gaius" (in Oscar the father's first name is added)
  • the monophthongization of the diphthongs , cf. deve "the goddess" ( dative singular from Uritalian * deivai )