400 BC Chr.

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400 BC Chr.
The route of the ten thousand through the Persian Empire
The train of ten thousand reaches the Black Sea.
400 BC In other calendars
Buddhist calendar 144/145 (southern Buddhism); 143/144 (alternative calculation according to Buddha's Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 38th (39th) cycle , year of the metal snake辛巳 ( at the beginning of the year metal dragon 庚辰)
Greek calendar 4th year of 94/1 Year of the 95th Olympiad
Jewish calendar 3361/62
Roman calendar from urbe condita CCCLIV (354)
The eastern hemisphere around 400 BC Chr.


Politics and world events

Western Europe

Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia

  • After the death of Agis II , his son Leotychidas succeeds him as King of Sparta , whose legitimacy is, however, controversial. Agis initially rejected and rejected Leotychidas as the son of Alcibiades , who was said to have had an affair with Agis's wife during his stay, but recognized him as his son and heir shortly before his death.
  • The city of Nymphaion comes from Athens to the Bosporan Empire .
  • After a hard march back from Babylon , the train of the ten thousand (a Greek mercenary army) finally reached the coast of the Black Sea.

«Θάλαττα, ϑάλαττα»

«Thálatta! Thálatta! »

"Ocean! Ocean!"



  • around 400 BC BC: The Maya are at the transition from the middle pre-classical to the late pre-classical.
  • around 400 BC BC: The last Olmec centers in Mesoamerica are destroyed.


Plan of the agora in the 5th century BC Chr.
  • The mint is erected on the Agora in Athens , which is presumably generally used as a state bronze smith.

science and technology

SF June 21, 400 BC Chr.



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