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The landscape of Lucania in Roman times

Lucania (Latin and Italian: Lucania ) is a historic landscape in southern Italy.

The landscape was named in the 3rd century BC. After the Italian ( Oscar ) people of the Lucanians .

Name and location

Lucania was surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west, the Gulf of Taranto in the east, the landscapes of Campania , Samnium and Apulia in the north and the landscape of Bruttium , today's Calabria , in the south.

The border against Campania ran on the river Sele (Latin: Silarus), so that most of today's Campania province of Salerno, especially the Cilento landscape , belonged to Lucania. To the northeast, Lucania extended to the Bradanus River .

The core of the area thus coincides with today's Basilicata region .

As a regional name, "Lucania" got in the High Middle Ages, after the Norman conquest of southern Italy , competition from "Basilicata", the name of an administrative unit from which today's Basilicata region emerged.

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