Aristocles from Sicyon

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Aristocles from Sicyon ( Greek  Ἀριστοκλῆς ) was a Greek arch-builder from Sicyon , who probably lived in the second half of the 6th century BC. Was active.

Aristocles was the brother of the famous sculptor Kanachos from Sikyon and was hardly inferior to his brother in fame and importance. With his brother he made his hometown Sikyon a center of sculpture and ore foundry. Pausanias narrates a series of at least seven members that has to be followed over a period of more than 100 years. Among them are Synnoon of Aigina , his son Ptolichos , Sostratos of Chios and his son Pantias .

His work can only be deduced in one work through later literary transmission from Antipater of Sidon . He is said to have made a muse with a lyre that belonged to a group of three in which his brother and Hageladas contributed the other statues.

There is no proof of an identity with a sculptor of the same name from the same period who worked in Attica , but a sculptor with the same name was his grandson, making Kleoitas , the inventor of the first starting boxes for horses in Olympia , his son.


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