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Arkady Chernyshev ( Russian : Аркадий Иванович Чернышёв, born March 3 . Jul / 16th March  1914 greg. In Nizhny Novgorod , Russian Empire ; † February 1992 in Moscow ) was a Soviet Hockey - Bandy - and football players and hockey coach.


As a player

Arkady Chernyshev began his sports career at Dynamo Moscow not as an ice hockey player, but as a bandy and soccer player. As early as 1937 he was able to win the Bandy Cup of the Soviet Union with Dynamo in winter and the football championship in summer . He was able to repeat winning the bandy championship three times (1938, 1940 and 1941), and in 1940 he was again football champion. Between 1945 and 1948 he played 44 games for FK Dinamo Minsk , but from 1946 played parallel for Dynamo Moscow in the Soviet ice hockey championship.

On December 22, 1946, the first Soviet ice hockey championship was opened and Arkady Tschernyschow scored the first goal in the history of this traditional league. Two months later he was able to celebrate the first Soviet championship with his teammates, who were also bandy and soccer players . Until 1948 he played for Dynamo Moscow in the elite league and scored four goals in 16 games. After retiring as an active player, Chernyshev was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in 1948 .

As a trainer

Chernyshev already worked as a player coach during his time at Dynamo and after his playing career became one of the most successful ice hockey coaches of all time. First he was head coach of HK Dynamo Moscow for 27 years (1948-1975), with whom he was again champion in 1954, won the USSR Cup in 1953 and 1972 and was able to celebrate nine runners-up championships. Later he was head coach of Dinamo Riga .

He was able to achieve even greater success as a coach or assistant coach of the Soviet national ice hockey team between 1954 and 1972:

In 1957 he was again honored, this time as part of his coaching activity, as Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, but it was not until 1999 that the IIHF accepted him in their hall of fame in the ice hockey official category . He died in Moscow in February 1992.

Individual evidence

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