Aulus Sempronius Atratinus (Consul 497 BC)

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Aulus Sempronius Atratinus is a figure of the early Roman Republic and presumed consul from 497 and 491 BC. His counterpart in both years was Marcus Minucius Augurinus .

Livius (II 21, 1. 34, 7) and therefore Cassiodorus name him A. Sempronius without cognomen , while the consular fasts only name his cognomen. Dionysius of Halicarnassus, on the other hand, gives him his full name.

From his first consulate, Livy and Dionysius report the consecration of a temple to the god Saturnus at the Roman Forum and the related foundation of the Saturnalia . Under the second consulate, according to Livius, he is said to have condemned Coriolan , while under Dionysius the consuls had nothing to do with it. Even as a speaker, he does not appear, but his (older) colleague.

Dionysius further reports that Sempronius Atratinus 487 BC. Chr. Prefect of Rome and 486 v. Was speaker in the Senate in the field laws of Spurius Cassius Vecillinus . Dionysius calls him the first Interrex of the republic in 482 BC. These details, none of which appear in Livius, are inventions of late historiography.

Its consulates are not regarded as historical either, but they persist in the early tradition. The consulates of the Sempronians are - according to the unanimous opinion within the scientific community - to be removed from the consular list of the early republic, as they were later, probably around 300 BC. Were interpolated. In the early phase of the republic only patricians could get to the consular office, but the gens Sempronia was clearly plebeian.

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