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The office community is usually an association of members of the same or similar profession to work in shared office space. The members of this office community jointly use the rooms and, if necessary, the staff of the office for their independent professional practice.

The individual professionals usually work independently, which means that they also bill the client independently for their work. The members of an office community are not liable for the activities of the other members. These are the characteristics that distinguish them from the law firm .

The purpose of the office community is the common use of work equipment (e.g. rooms and technical facilities) and staff without giving up their own independence.

Office Communities which are doctors as a group practice (but not as a group practice are) referred to, there are common among the members of the liberal professions but also with other, mostly non-producing trader.

The term company pool includes shared offices of companies from different sectors. Primarily SMEs use this opportunity to combine service offers abroad with cost savings . The companies share the premises and can each access the expertise of the team on site. Coworking is a new development .

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