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Baby eagle
Jehrico 941 F.jpg
general information
Military designation: Jericho 941
Country of operation: Israel
Developer / Manufacturer: Israel Weapon Industries
Manufacturer country: IsraelIsrael Israel
Production time: since 1990
Model variants: 941F, 941FS, 941FB, 941FBL, 941 PS, IPSC
Weapon Category: gun
Overall length: 207 mm
Total height: 140 mm
Total width: 35 mm
Weight: (unloaded) 1 kg
Barrel length : 112 mm
Technical specifications
Caliber : 9mm Parabellum ,
.40 S&W ,
.45 ACP ,
.41 AE
Possible magazine fillings : 15 (9 mm),
12 (.40),
10 (.45) rounds cartridges
Fire types: Double Action (IPSC and 941 PS Single Action)
Number of trains : 6th
Twist : Right
Visor : rigid (IPSC adjustable)
Charging principle: Recoil loader
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The IWI Baby Eagle is a semi - automatic self - loading pistol. "Baby Eagle" is only the nickname for this weapon , technically it differs completely from the large Desert Eagle .

Bullet hole after firing a shot from a Baby Eagle with .41 Action Express ammunition

Originally this weapon was sold under the name Jericho 941 . You can often find them under the name "Hudson Jericho 941", "Hudson Industries Jericho 941" or "UZI Pistol". It was not until a later date that the weapon was given the name "Baby Eagle". Technically, it is based on the Czech ČZ 75 . In Israel - where it is made - the weapon is still sold under the name "Jericho". The name "Baby" Desert Eagle comes from the American importer and distributor of the weapon, Magnum Research Inc.

Every 941 was delivered by the manufacturer with an interchangeable caliber. The weapon could be used with a 9 mm Parabellum or with .41 AE ammunition. Due to its limited distribution, the .41 AE caliber was later no longer produced.

The magazine capacity is 15 rounds for 9 mm Parabellum or 12 rounds .41 AE / .40 S&W. The empty weight is around 1000 g.

The basic model is divided into two versions: with firing pin safety (941) and with trigger safety (941F). Even smaller and lighter versions of the 941F were produced: 941FS, 941FB, 941FBL (plastic) and 941 PS. Furthermore, a sports version with compensator and adjustable visor was sold by Jericho IPSC.

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