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IWI Negev
general information
Country of operation: Israel , Estonia , Colombia
Developer / Manufacturer: Israel Weapon Industries
Manufacturer country: IsraelIsrael Israel
Production time: since 1997
Weapon Category: light machine gun
Overall length: 1020 mm, 780 mm with folded shaft
Negev NG7 - 1000 mm
Negev SF - 912 mm
Weight: (unloaded) normal version - 7.40 kg

Negev Command - 7.00 kg
Negev NG7 - 7.6 kg
Negev SF - 7.5 kg

Barrel length : normal version - 460 mm

Negev Command - 330 mm
Negev NG7 - 508 mm
Negev SF - 420 mm

Technical specifications
Caliber : 5.56 × 45 mm NATO , 7.62 × 51 mm NATO (NG7 variant)
Ammunition supply : Magazines or straps
Cadence : 850–1,150 (adjustable) rounds / min
Fire types: Single and continuous fire
Number of trains : 6th
Twist : right
Closure : Turret lock
Charging principle: Gas pressure charger
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IDF Negev

The IWI Negev is a light machine gun that is part of the equipment of the Israeli armed forces . In 2012, the new Negev NG7 with a caliber of 7.62 mm was presented as the new standard of the Israeli armed forces.


In the 1980s, the Israeli military was looking for a replacement for its previous standard MG of the FN MAG type . Although very reliable, this turned out to be too heavy for an infantry weapon. In addition, it was not suitable for the smaller NATO caliber 5.56 mm. Foreign models such as the FN Minimi were tried out, but ultimately it was decided to develop their own weapon. This was officially introduced to the land forces in 1997 and is used there at group level. However , the FN MAG has not yet been replaced as an on-board weapon in armored vehicles and helicopters.


The Negev-MG works as a gas pressure charger , the gas duct is below the barrel. The gas pressure can be regulated within three stages. The lowest level is chosen when using magazines and offers the lowest rate of fire. The two other stages allow a higher gas throughput and are intended for the use of ammunition belts, especially with heavily soiled weapons.

The weapon is firing ; the open closure prevents the cartridges from spontaneously igniting if the fire continues. Ammunition can be fed either through ammunition belts or magazines. The magazines of the Israeli Galil rifle as well as those that correspond to the STANAG standard can be used. In the latter case, however, an adapter is required. The barrels are easy to change. In addition to a long standard run, a short run is available. With this, the MG can be converted into the compact command version.

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