Tavor TAR-21

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Tavor TAR-21
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general information
Military designation: TAR-21
Country of operation: see usage
Developer / Manufacturer: Israel Weapon Industries
Development year: 1991
Manufacturer country: IsraelIsrael Israel
Production time: since 2000
Model variants: see model variants
Weapon Category: Assault rifle
Overall length: 720 mm
Weight: (unloaded) 3.27 kg
Barrel length : 460 mm
Technical specifications
Caliber : 5.56 × 45 mm NATO
Ammunition supply : Curve magazine
Cadence : 750-900 rounds / min
Fire types: Single, continuous fire
Number of trains : 6th
Twist : right
Visor : Reflex sight
Mounting system: Picatinny rail
Closure : Turret lock
Charging principle: Gas pressure charger
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The TAR-21 is a modern Israeli infantry weapon in the 5.56 × 45 mm NATO caliber . The name TAR-21 stands for T avor A ssault R ifle - 21st Century .

So far, the TAR-21 has only been produced in small numbers and given out mainly to special and elite units; this is because the Tavor family guns are relatively expensive to produce, especially when compared to the US-owned used M16 rifles (and variants) that were regularly supplied to Israel.


The TAR-21 is a modern assault rifle in Bullpup design with a polymer housing. When designing the weapon, particular attention was paid to ease of use in urban warfare. Since the weapon has a case ejector on both sides, it can be easily operated by both right-handed and left-handed people. A special feature is the gas system, which combines the advantages of a direct gas pressure charger (low weight) with those of an indirect system (reliability). The gas is led through a gas extraction hole in the front part of the barrel into a gas tube and transported towards the bolt carrier. At the height of the handle (where the ventilation slots are in the housing), the gas hits the piston, which is firmly connected to the bolt carrier. This construction keeps the hot dirty powder gases away from the mechanism.

The red dot sight "MARS" with integrated laser pointer is located on a Picatinny rail and can be exchanged for a telescopic sight or night vision device . The Israeli military currently uses the “MEPRO 21” reflex sight instead of the MARS . The TAR-21 basic version can be equipped with an M203 40 mm underflow grenade launcher or bipod . The Miles adapter can be used for training purposes .

Model variants

variant Total length
Pipe length
Visors annotation
TAR 725 457 3.3 MEPRO 21
GTAR 3.28 Can accommodate M203
TAVOR flat top 3.28 Picatinny rail Longer upper Picatinny rail, additional rail under hand protection
STAR 4.3 Support for bipods
CTAR 640 381 3.235 MEPRO 21
  1. without magazine and accessories

The Micro TAVOR (MTAR, also X95) is a further development of the TAR-21 and is characterized by the possibility of using different calibers by exchanging a few parts. All variants are also available as a flat top (see above).

variant Total length
Pipe length
Visors caliber annotation
X95 580 330 3.03 MEPRO 21 5.56 × 45 mm NATO
X95-L 670 417 3.2
X95-R 580 330 3.03 5.45 x 39 mm
X95 SMG 279 2.98 9 × 19 mm
X95-S 3.27 Integrated silencer
  1. without magazine and accessories

The Tavor SAR product line for the civilian market does not have a fully automatic fire mode.

variant Total length
Pipe length
SAR flat top B16 664 419 3.58 Picatinny rail
SAR flat top B18 702 457 3.7
SAR-IDF 664 419 3.86 MEPRO 21
  1. without magazine and accessories


  • UkraineUkraine Ukraine - The Ukrainian KNWO Fort has acquired a license and offers the Tavor in a caliber of 5.45 × 39 mm . It is planned to deliver the weapon to special forces.


  • AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Azerbaijan - has bought some TAR-21s, according to press reports
  • BrazilBrazil Brazil - The Brazilian Army's Front Brigade received TAR-21, manufactured by Taurus
  • IndiaIndia India - Indian Special Forces (Paratroopers and Marine Commandos)
  • IsraelIsrael Israel - Ordnance weapon since 2010 after being used by special forces
  • GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia - Georgia received weapons used by special forces in 2006
  • PhilippinesPhilippines Philippines - The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency has purchased 120 CTAR 21s
  • ThailandThailand Thailand - Should be a new weapon of order
  • Cyprus RepublicRepublic of Cyprus Cyprus - Cyprus presented the weapons used by special forces at the military parade on October 1, 2017.

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