Angerburg – Goldap railway line

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Angerburg – Goldap
(Węgorzewo – Gołdap)
Course book range : DR 118f (1940)
Route length: 49.9 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
from Schlobitten (Słobity) and Rastenburg (Kętrzyn)
from Gumbinnen (Gussew) via Darkehmen / Angerapp (Osjorsk)
0.0 Angerburg (Węgorzewo)
to Lötzen (Giżycko)
4.8 Angerburg city ​​forest (Węgorzewo Miejski Las )
12.1 Digging (Budry)
18.2 Popiollen / Albrechtswiesen (Popioły or Dąbrówka Polska)
22.9 Benkheim (Banie Mazurskie)
30.6 Bodschwingken (Boćwinka)
36.6 Grabowen / Arnswald (East Pr.) (Grabowo)
42.4 Jeblonsken / Urbansdorf (Jabłońskie)
from Insterburg (Tschernjachowsk)
49.9 Goldap (Gołdap)
to Stallupönen / Ebenrode (Nesterow)
to Lyck (Ełk)

The Angerburg – Goldap railway was a railway line in the province of East Prussia .


The line was built in 1897 and connected the two district towns of Angerburg ( Polish : Węgorzewo ) and Goldap ( Polish: Gołdap ) in an east-west direction . Both cities were (or became a few years later) railway junctions with a total of five or four railway lines in north-south and east-west directions. They were all subordinate to the Reich Railway Directorate in Königsberg .

In the early 1940s, four pairs of trains ran the route every day.

Railway operations were discontinued as part of the war in 1945. The systems were dismantled soon after the end of the war and not rebuilt.


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