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Anne-Marie Koeppen (* 18th July 1899 in a mountain forest , Kulm , District Kulm ; † 28. September 1940 in Berlin ) was a German writer and NS - functionary .


Anne-Marie Koeppen was born on July 18, 1899 in the Bergswalde (Zalesie) manor district belonging to Kulm, which today belongs to Gmina Stolno . Her parents were the manor owners Eugen Koeppen and Katharina Koeppen geb. Baasner. She was primarily a narrator , but also wrote a play and poetry , both in High German and in dialect. In connection with the German Christians , their hymn Lord, who lets all ears ripen, was used.

Koeppen worked in the Reichsnährstand authority, where she was editor-in-chief of the magazine Die deutsche Landfrau . She also wrote articles for the party official women's magazine NS-Frauen-Warte and Odal: monthly for blood and soil .

Anne-Marie Koeppen died on September 28, 1940 in Berlin.

After the end of the Second World War , Koeppen was placed on the list of authors in the Soviet zone of occupation , "whose entire production is to be permanently removed".

Publications (selection)

  • 1933: Fire over Germany , drama
  • 1933: We carried the flags , poems
  • 1934: Michael Gnade, the story of a German house , novel
  • 1936: The legacy of the Wallmodes , novel
  • 1937: The pledge of loyalty , story
  • 1938: Im Kranichwinkel , novel
  • 1944: Ursula Bennecker , novel about the time of the witch hunt

As editor

  • 1937: The German Country Woman Book , with a foreword by Walther Darré


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