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The Reichsbahndirektion Königsberg was a railway directorate in Königsberg (Prussia) .


The Reichsbahndirektion Königsberg was the successor to the Royal Prussian Railway Directorate Königsberg , which was founded during the reform of the Prussian State Railways in 1895.

After the Prussian State Railways had merged into the Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1920 , the management was renamed Reichsbahndirektion Königsberg .

After the occupation of Poland by Germany in World War II , a Reichsbahndirektion Danzig was established in 1939 . In 1940 it took over the Danzig – Deutsch-Eylau – Warsaw route and all the Königsberg directorate routes to the west of it. On January 22, 1945, the last through train ran from Königsberg to Berlin.

On March 1, 1946, the RBD Königsberg processing center in Hamburg-Altona , which managed rescued personnel files, was closed.


The area of ​​this Reichsbahndirektion extended over the Prussian province of East Prussia with the West Prussian areas in the southwest ( administrative region West Prussia ) that remained with the German Reich after the First World War .

Significant routes within the management were:

Service building

Address: Suburban Langgasse 117/121 ( Ленинский проспект 111—117).


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