Popioły (Budry)

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Popioły does not have a coat of arms
Popioły (Poland)
Basic data
State : Poland
Voivodeship : Warmia-Masuria
Powiat : Węgorzewo
Gmina : Budry
Geographic location : 54 ° 14 '  N , 21 ° 57'  E Coordinates: 54 ° 14 '7 "  N , 21 ° 56' 35"  E
Residents : 250 (2006)
Postal code : 11-600
Telephone code : (+48) 87
License plate : NWE
Economy and Transport
Street : Ext. 650 : Węgorzewo - BudryGołdap
Wydutki → Popioły
Rail route : no rail connection
Next international airport : Danzig

Popioły ( German  Popiollen , 1938 to 1945 Albrechtswiesen ) is a place in the Polish Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship . He belongs to the rural community Budry (Buddern) in the powiat Węgorzewski ( Angerburg district ).

Geographical location

Popioły is located on the south bank of the Goldap ( Polish Gołdapa ) in the northeast of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The district town of Węgorzewo (Angerburg) is 14 km to the south-west.


The place called Papiollen before 1785 and Popiollen until 1938 was a village and a large estate until 1928. Both municipalities later merged to form the rural municipality of Popiollen. The place was first mentioned in 1558.

On May 6, 1874 Popiollen office Village and thus its name to an administrative district , which - from 1939 to 1945 renamed in "District Albrecht meadows" - the district Angerburg in Administrative district Gumbinnen the Prussian province of East Prussia belonged.

In 1910 a total of 380 inhabitants were registered in Popiollen, 190 each in the village and 190 in the manor district. The number was 373 in 1925, a total of 518 in 1933 and 495 in 1939.

On June 3, 1938, Popiollen was renamed to "Albrechtswiesen" for political and ideological reasons to avoid foreign-sounding place names. In 1945, the place was in consequence of the war with the entire southern East Prussia to Poland and then received the Polish name "Popioły" in memory of the earlier form of the name. Today the village is the seat of a Schulzenamt ( Polish Sołectwo ), to which the place Wydutki (Storchenberg) also belongs, and a village in the community of Budry (Buddern) in the powiat Węgorzewski , before 1998 the Suwałki Voivodeship , since then the Warmia-Masurian Voivodeship associated.

District Popiollen / Albrechtswiesen (1874–1945)

The district of Popiollen (called "District of Albrechtswiesen" from 1939) originally had six places, in the end there were four:

Surname Change name from
1938 to 1945
Polish name Remarks
Brosowken Birch height Brzozówko
Small pillacks (from 1923 :)
Piłaki Małe
Krzywinsken (from 1927 :)
Popiollen (village) Albrechtswiesen Popioły
Popiollen (good) 1928 incorporated into the rural community of Popiollen
Romint lake 1928 incorporated into Sonnheim

On January 1st, 1945 only Albrechtswiesen, Birkenhöhe, Lindenwiese and Sonnheim belonged to the district.


Before 1945 Popiollen was parish in the Protestant Church of Buddern in the church province of East Prussia of the Church of the Old Prussian Union and in the Catholic Church Zum Guten Hirten Angerburg in the Diocese of Warmia .

Today Popioły is part of the Catholic parish in Budry in the Diocese of Ełk (Lyck) of the Roman Catholic Church in Poland and the Protestant parish in Węgorzewo (Angerburg) , a subsidiary of the parish in Giżycko (Lötzen) in the Diocese of Masuria of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland .


View of Popioły (Popiollen) on the Gołdapa (Goldap)
Valley near Popiollen (Popielska dolina)

A school in Popiollen was founded in 1752. In 1852 it was attended by 43, in 1928 by 42 and in 1935 by 39 schoolchildren. From 1922 the school was organized in two classes. A new school building erected in 1939 was destroyed in 1945.


Popioły is located on the Polish voivodeship road DW 650 , the former German Reichsstraße 136 , which connects the two district towns of Węgorzewo (Angerburg) and Gołdap (Goldap) and - going beyond Węgorzewo - represents a connection to the powiat Kętrzyński ( Rastenburg district ). The village of Wydutki (Storchenberg) is connected to Popioły by a direct route.

Between 1899 and 1945 Popiollen / Albrechtswiesen was a train station on the Angerburg – Goldap railway line . The station was located two kilometers southeast of the village in the area of ​​the municipality of Polish Dombrowken (1938 to 1945 Talheim, in Polish Dąbrówka Polska ), whose name the station was also briefly known in Polish times. The railway line was not reactivated after 1945 and was partially dismantled.

Sons and daughters of the place

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