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Polish license plates in the design used since May 2006
Two-line version since May 2006

The last valid Polish license plates have black letters and a black border on a white background. The first letter stands for the voivodship (in the picture example S for the voivodeship Silesia ), the next one or two letters stand for the city or the district (in the picture example G for the city ​​of Gliwice ) of the exhibition. This is followed by a rectangular certification sticker and, for one-line signs, a combination of four or five, for two-line signs, four letters and numbers.

All license plates issued since May 2, 2006 show the twelve stars of the European flag and the letters PL in a blue bar on the left. From 2000 to May 1, 2006, the signs were marked with the flag of Poland instead of the European symbol .

A license plate of your choice can be requested in Poland for a fee of around 240 euros . During the production period of around three weeks, the vehicle is given a temporary license plate. The first letter of the desired license plate stands for the voivodeship, followed by a serial number (0 to 9) and three to five desired letters, e.g. B. , whereby at most the last two can be replaced by digits, e.g. B. , , , , , . L0 BIBIF0 MAREKB4 BMW99K6 Z17D8 JA3Z2 ONA8O0 OOOOO


License plates of historic vehicles

Current license plate number for historic vehicles

Historic vehicles have license plates with a yellow background. As with the unspecific license plates, they start with two or three letters indicating the place of registration. This is followed by two digits in the first case and one in the second. Depending on the type of vehicle, car or two-wheeler, there is also a corresponding pictogram on the right-hand side.

Temporary license plates

License plates with a limited validity have red letters on a white background. They show a letter for the voivodeship followed by a number. After a seal either four digits or three follow with a final letter other than B .

Test indicator

Test indicator

They are the same as the temporary labels, except for the detail that only three digits followed by a B after the seal .

Diplomatic marks

Diplomatic license plate of the German embassy (005)

Diplomatic license plates show white letters on a blue background. They begin with the letter of the voivodeship and then have six digits, with the first three indicating the country represented. Most of these signs begin with W for Masovian Voivodeship, as most of the diplomatic missions are in Warsaw.

Authority registration number

Police license plate

Polish police license plates begin with the letters HP followed by another letter indicating the voivodeship, e.g. B. HPD stands for the police in the Lublin Voivodeship . The signs of the anti-corruption authority ( HA ), the Ministry of the Interior ( HB ), the customs administration ( HC ), the domestic secret service ABW ( HK ) and the border guard ( HW ) follow this pattern .

Further characteristics

Military license plate

Signs of the Polish Armed Forces begin with a U . The abbreviation SU has been used for members of the diplomatic corps since 2007 . There is no flag on the license plate.


Geographical distribution of license plate codes

Geographical distribution of the abbreviations
Voivodeship abbreviations for license plates

List of Polish license plates

Polish license plates sorted by voivodeship, license plates that are no longer assigned are thinly written:

Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesia) Kujawsko-Pomorskie (Kujawian-Pomeranian) Łódzkie (Lodz) Lubelskie (Lublin)

DB - Wałbrzych
DBA - wałbrzych county
DBL - bolesławiec county
DDZ - dzierżoniów county
DGL - głogów county
DGR - Góra County
DJ - Jelenia Góra
DJA - Jawor County
DJE - Jelenia Góra County
DKA - Kamienna Góra County
DKL - kłodzko county
DL - Legnica
DLB - Powiat Lubański
DLE - Legnica County
DLU - Lubin County
DMI - milicz county
DOA - oława county
DOL - oleśnica county
DPL - Polkowice County
DST - strzelin county
DSW - świdnica county
DTR - trzebnica county
DW - Wrocław
DWL - Powiat Wołowski
DWR - Powiat Wrocławski
DZA - Powiat Ząbkowicki
DZG - Powiat Zgorzelecki
DZL - Powiat Złotoryjski

CAL - aleksandrów county
CB - Bydgoszcz
CBR - Powiat Brodnickie
CBY - Bydgoszcz County
CCH - chełmno county
CG - Grudziądz
CGD - Golub-Dobrzyń County
CGR - grudziądz county
CIN - inowrocław county
CLI - Lipno County
CMG - mogilno county
CNA - nakło county
CRA - Powiat Radziejowski
CRY - Powiat Rypiński
CSE - Powiat Sępoleński
CSW - Powiat Świecki
CT - Toruń
CTR - Powiat Toruński
CTU - Powiat Tucholski
CW - Włocławek
CWA - Powiat Wąbrzeski
CWL - Powiat Włocławski
CZN - Powiat

EBE - bełchatów county
EBR - brzeziny county
EKU - Kutno County
EL - Lodz
ELA - łask county
ELC - łowicz county
ELE - łęczyca county
ELW - Łódź East County
EOP - opoczno county
EP - Piotrków
EPA - pabianice county
EPD - poddębice county
EPI - Powiat Piotrkowski
EPJ - Pajęczno County
ERA - radomsko county
ERW - Rawa County
ES - Skierniewice
ESI - powiat Sieradzki
ESK - Skierniewice County
ETM - Tomaszów Mazowiecki County
EWE - wieruszów county
EMI - wieluń county
EZD - Zduńska Wola County
RTB - zgierz county

LB - Biala Podlaska
LBI - Biała Podlaska County
LBL - biłgoraj county
LC - Chełm
LCH - chełm county
LHR - hrubieszów county
LJA - Powiat Janowski
LKR - kraśnik county
LKS - krasnystaw county
LLB - lubartów county
LLE - łęczna county
LLU - łuków county
LOP - Powiat Opolski
LPA - Powiat Parczewski
LPU - Powiat Puławski
LRA - Powiat Radzyński
LRY - Powiat Rycki
LSW - Powiat Świdnicki
LTM - Powiat Tomaszowski
LU - Lublin
LUB - Powiat Lubelski
LWL - Powiat Włodawski
LZ - Zamość
LZA - Powiat Zamojski

Lubuskie (Lebus) Małopolskie (Lesser Poland) Mazowieckie (Mazovia) Opolskie (Opole)

FG - Gorzow Wielkopolski
FGW - Gorzów County
FKR - Krosno County
FMI - międzyrzecz county
FNW - Nowa Sól County
FSD - strzelce-drezdenko county
FSL - słubice county
FSU - sulęcin county
FSW - świebodzin county
FWS - wschowa county
FZ - Zielona Góra
FZA - żary county
FZG - Powiat Żagański
FZI - Powiat Zielonogórski

KBC - Bochnia County
KBR - brzeg county
KCH - chrzanów county
KDA - Powiat Dąbrowski
KGR - gorlice county
KLI - limanowa county
KMI - miechów county
KMY - myślenice county
CN - Nowy Sacz
KNS - Nowy Sącz County
KNT - Powiat Nowotarski
COL - olkusz county
KOS - Powiat Oświęcimski
KPR - Powiat Proszowicki
KR - Kraków
KRA - Powiat Krakowski
KSU - Powiat Suski
KT - Tarnów
KTA - Powiat Tarnowski
KTT - Powiat Tatrzański
KWA - Powiat Wadowicki
KWI - Powiat Wielicki

WA - Warszawa -Białołęka
WB - Warszawa -Bemowo
WBR - białobrzegi county
WCI - ciechanów county
WD - Warszawa -Bielany
WE - Warszawa -Mokotów
WF - Warszawa -Praga Południe
WG - garwolin county
WGM - Grodzisk Mazowiecki County
WGR - grójec county
WGS - gostynin county
WH - Warszawa -Praga Północ
WI - Warszawa -Śródmieście
WJ - Warszawa -Targówek
WK - Warszawa -Ursus
WKZ - kozienice county
WL - legionowo county
WLI - lipsko county
WLS - Łosice County
WM - mińsk county
WMA - maków county
WML - mława county
WN - Warszawa -Ursynów
WND - Powiat Nowodworski
WO - Ostrołęka
WOR - Powiat Ostrowski
WOS - ostrołęka county
WOT - Otwock County
WP - Plock
WPI - piaseczno county
WPL - Płock County
WPN - płońsk county
WPR - pruszków county
WPU - pułtusk county
WPY - przysucha county
WPZ - Powiat Przasnyski
WR - Radom
WRA - Powiat Radomski
WS - Siedlce
WSC - Powiat Sochaczewski
WSE - Powiat Sierpecki
WSI - Powiat Siedlecki
WSK - Powiat Sokołowski
WSZ - Powiat Szydłowiecki
WT - Wars zawa -Wawer
WU - Warszawa -Ochota
WV - Wołomin
WW 0000A - Warszawa -Rembertów (four digits, letters A, C, E, X, Y)
WW 0000F - Warszawa -Wilanów (four digits, letters F, G, H, J , W)
WW 0000K - Warszawa -Włochy (four digits, letters K, M, N, P, T)
WW 000WA - Warszawa -Włochy (three digits, letters WA – WY, XA – XY, SA – SY)
WWE - Powiat Węgrowski
WWL - Powiat Wołomiński
WWY - Powiat Wyszkowski
WX 00000 - Warszawa -Żoliborz (five digits or four digits and one letter)
WX 000YA - Warszawa -Wesoła (three digits, letters YA – YJ, XA – XJ)
WY - Warszawa -Wola
WZ - Powiat Warszawski Zachodni
WZU - Powiat Żuromiński
WZW - Powiat Zwoleński
WZY - Powiat Żyrardowski

OB - brzeg county
OGL - głubczyce county
OK - kędzierzyn-koźle county
OKL - kluczbork county
OKR - krapkowice county
ONA - namysłów county
ONY - Nysa County
OOL - Powiat Oleski
OP - Opole
OPO - Opole County
OPR - prudnik county
OST - strzelce county

Podkarpackie (Subcarpathian Mountains) Podlaskie (Podlaskie) Pomorskie (Pomerania) Śląskie (Silesia)

RBI - Bieszczady County
RBR - brzozów county
RDE - dębica county
RJA - Jarosław County
RJS - jasło county
RK - Krosno
RKL - kolbuszowa county
RKR - Krosno County
RLA - łańcut county
RLE - leżajsk county
RLS - Lesko County
RLU - lubaczów county
RMI - Powiat mielecki
RNI - nisko county
RP - Przemyśl
RPR - Powiat Przemyski
RPZ - przeworsk county
RRS - ropczyce-sędziszów county
RSA - Sanok County
RSR - strzyżów county
RST - Stalowa Wola County
RT - Tarnobrzeg
RTA - tarnobrzeg county
RZ - Rzeszów
RZE - Rzeszów County

BAU - Powiat Augustowski
BBI - Bielsko County
BGR - Grajewo County
BHA - hajnówka county
BI - Białystok
BIA - Białystok County
BKL - kolno county
BL - Lomza
BLM - łomża county
BMN - mońki county
BS - Suwalki
BSE - sejny county
BSI - Siemiatycze County
BSK - Powiat Sokólski
BSU - Powiat Suwalski
BWM - Powiat Wysokomazowiecki
BZA - Powiat Zambrowski

GA - Gdynia
GBY - bytów county
GCH - Powiat Chojnicki
GCZ - człuchów county
GD - Gdańsk
GDA - Powiat Gdański
GKA - kartuzy county
GKS - kościerzyna county
GKW - kwidzyn county
GLE - lębork county
GMB - Malbork County
GND - Powiat Nowodworski
GPU - Puck County
GS - Słupsk
GSL - Powiat Słupski
GSP - Sopot
GST - Powiat Starogardzki
GSZ - Powiat Sztumski
GTC - Powiat Tczewski
GWE - Powiat Wejherowski

SB - Bielsko-Biala
SBE - będzin county
SBI - Bielsko County
SBL - bieruń-lędziny county
SC - Częstochowa
SCI - Cieszyn County
SCZ - Częstochowa County
SD - Dąbrowa Górnicza
SG - Gliwice
SGL - Gliwice County
SH - Chorzów
SI - Siemianowice Śląskie
SJ - Jaworzno
SJZ - Jastrzębie-Zdrój
SK - Katowice
SKL - kłobuck county
SL - Ruda Slaska
SLU - lubliniec county
SM - Mysłowice
SMI - mikołów county
SMY - Powiat Myszkowski
SO - Sosnowiec
SPI - Piekary
PLC - pszczyna county
SR - Rybnik
SRB - Rybnik County
SRC - racibórz county
SRS - formerly Ruda Śląska → SL
ST - Tychy
STA - Powiat Tarnogórski
STY - formerly Powiat Tychy → SBL
SW - Świętochłowice
SWD - wodzisław county
SY - Bytom
SZ - Zabrze
SZA - zawiercie county
SZO - Żory
SZY - Żywiec County

Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Warmińsko-Mazurskie (Warmian-Masurian) Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland) Zachodniopomorskie (West Pomerania)

TBU - Busko County
TJE - jędrzejów county
TK - Kielce
TKA - Powiat Kazimierski
TKI - Powiat Kielecki
TKN - Powiat Konecki
TLW - włoszczowa county
TOP - opatów county
TOS - Ostrowiec County
TPI - pińczów county
TSA - Powiat Sandomierski
TSK - skarżysko county
TST - Powiat Starachowicki
TSZ - Powiat Staszowski

NBA - bartoszyce county
NBR - braniewo county
NDZ - działdowo county
NE - Elblag
NEB - Elbląg County
NEL - Powiat Ełcki
NCI - giżycko county
NGO - gołdap county
NIL - iława county
NKE - kętrzyn county
NLI - lidzbark county
NMR - mrągowo county
NNI - Powiat Nidzicki
NNM - Powiat Nowomiejski
NO - Olsztyn
NOE - olecko county
NOG - formerly Powiat Olecko-gołdapski ( Olecko ) → NGO and NOE
NOL - Olsztyn County
NOS - ostróda county
NPI - Pisz County
NSZ - Szczytno County
NWE - węgorzewo county

PCH - chodzież county
PCT - czarnków-trzcianka county
PGN - Gniezno County
PGO - Grodzisk Mazowiecki County
PGS - gostyń county
PJA - jarocin county
PK - Kalisz
PKA - Kalisz County
PKE - kępno county
PKL - koło county
PKN - Konin County
PKO - sooner Konin → PN
PKR - krotoszyn county
PKS - kościan county
PL - Leszno
PLE - Leszno County
PMI - międzychód county
PN - Konin
PNT - Powiat nowotomyski
PO - Poznan
POB - oborniki county
POS - Powiat Ostrowski
POT - ostrzeszów county
POZ - formerly Poznań County → PZ
PP - piła county
PPL - pleszew county
PRA - Rawicz County
PSE - śrem county
PSL - Słupca County
PSZ - Powiat Szamotulski
PTU - Turek County
PWA - wągrowiec county
PWL - Wolsztyn County
PWR - września county
PZ - Powiat Poznański
PZL - Powiat Złotowski

CBI - białogard county
ZCH - choszczno county
ZDR - drawsko county
ZGL - goleniów county
ZGR - gryfino county
ZGY - gryfice county
ZK - Koszalin
ZKA - kamień county
ZKL - kołobrzeg county
ZKO - Koszalin County
ZLO - Łobez County
ZMY - myślibórz county
ZPL - Powiat Policki
ZPY - Powiat Pyrzycki
ZS - Szczecin
ZSD - Powiat Świdwiński
ZSL - Powiat Sławieński
ZST - Powiat Stargardzki
ZSW - Świnoujście
ZSZ - Powiat Szczecinecki
ZWA - Powiat Wałecki

Police license plate

HPA Police headquarters
HPB Lower Silesian Voivodeship (Dolnośląskie)
HPC Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship (Kujawsko-Pomorskie)
HPD Lublin Voivodeship (Lubelskie)
HPE Lubusz Voivodeship (Lubuskie)
HPF Łódź Voivodeship (Łódzkie)
HPG Lesser Poland Voivodeship (Małopolskie)
HPH Masovian Voivodeship (Mazowieckie)
HPJ Opole Voivodeship (Opolskie)
HPK Subcarpathian Voivodeship (Podkarpackie)
HPL Szczytno Police College , Piła , Słupsk and Katowice Police Schools, Legionowo Police School Center
HPM Podlaskie (Podlaskie)
HPN Pomeranian Voivodeship (Pomorskie)
HPP Silesian Voivodeship (Śląskie)
HPS Świętokrzyskie (Świętokrzyskie)
HPT Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship (Warmińsko-Mazurskie)
HPU Greater Poland Voivodeship (Wielkopolskie)
HPW West Pomeranian Voivodeship (Zachodniopomorskie)
HPZ Metropolitan Police Command


The Polish license plates have always consisted of seven letters and numbers since 2000, and since the beginning of 2007 there have also been eight-digit license plates, e.g. B. FSD 00111.

If the license plate begins with two letters, the current license plate number is followed by a five-digit combination of digits and up to two letters at the end (scheme XX 11111 , XX 1111A , XX 111AA , XX 1A111 or XX 1AA11 ).

Two-line license plate, e.g. B. for motorcycles, have a four-digit combination after the two letters for the designation of origin according to the scheme XX 1111 or since 2002 also XX 111A .

For license plates that start with three letters, until the end of 2006 there was a four-digit combination of numbers and letters after the leading location code ( XXX A111 or XXX 11AA , since 2002 also XXX 1A11 (without a leading 0 ), XXX 11A1 (without a trailing 0 ) or XXX 1AA1 (without 0 in front or behind) and since 2003 still XXX AA11 ). For the two-line license plates there was only the combination according to the scheme XXX A111 until 2002 , since 2002 the other number and letter combinations possible for one-line license plates have also been assigned.

Cities and counties with the highest registration numbers

The list reflects the status around August 2016. This list only shows the numbers currently assigned. This does not indicate the total number of registrations, as some circles have left out some number ranges. In some Warsaw districts, numbers of the districts WW and WX are still only issued with certain final letters, for example in Wesoła WX 594YJ, in Włochy WW 106XM.

space Abbreviation City (district) number
1 PO Poznań 9T770
2 KR Kraków 4S029
3 DW Wroclaw 4H764
4th Tbsp Łódź 715XK
5 WE Warsaw-Mokotów 808MU
6th GD Gdańsk 088ME
7th PZ Poznański 112LG
8th ZKL Kołobrzeski 891KV
9 SK Katowice 945JT
10 PGN Gnieźnieński 988GH

Polish license plates from 1976 to 2000

Polish registration from 1976 to 2000

Since 1976, license plates with white letters on a black background have been issued in Poland. The inscription consisted of three letters, the first two of which indicated the origin, followed by four digits. In recent years, one or two letters could appear in the sequence of numbers.

Origin key:

Mark origin
BP, BA, BS Biała Podlaska
BK, BT, BI Białystok
BB, BL, BO Bielsko-Biała
BY, BG, BD, BC Bydgoszcz
CH, CM, CU Chełm
CI, CN, CA Ciechanów
CZ, CE, CO Czestochowa
EL, EG, EB Elbląg
GD, GK, GA, GN Danzig (Gdansk)
GO, GW, GR Gorzów Wielkopolski
JE, JG, YES Jelenia Gora
KL, KP, KZ Kalisz
KA, KT, KB, KC, KD, KX Katowice
KI, KE, KJ Kielce
KN, KM, KF Konin
KO, KG, KY Koszalin
KR, KK, KW, KV Krakow (Kraków)
KS, KU, KH Krosno
LG, LC, LI Legnica
LE, LS, LN Leszno
LU, LL, LB Lublin
LO, LM, LA Łomża
LD, LZ, LF, LW Łódź
NS, NO, NA Nowy Sącz
OL, ON, OT Olsztyn
OP, OE, OD Opole
OS, OK, OR Ostrołęka
PI, PA, PY Piła
PT, PK, PU Piotrków Trybunalski
PL, PC, PB Plock
PO, PN, PZ, PW Posen (Poznan)
PR, PM, PE Przemyśl
RA, RO, RD Radome
RZ, RE, RW Rzeszów
SE, SD, ST Siedlce
SI, SA, SB Sieradz
SK, SN, SF Skierniewice
SL, SP, SG Slupsk
SU, SW, SO Suwałki
SZ, SC, SM Stettin (Szczecin)
TG, TB, TE Tarnobrzeg
TA, TN, TW Tarnów
TO, TU, TY Toruń
WB, WY, WH Wałbrzych
Warsaw (Warszawa)
WL, WK, WE Włocławek
WR, WO, WC, WW Wroclaw (Wroclaw)
ZA, ZM, ZC Zamość
ZG, ZE, ZN Zielona Góra


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