Baldwin of Ibelin (Bailli of Jerusalem)

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Baldwin of Ibelin ( French Baudouin d'Ibelin ; * around 1245, † after August 1286) was a leading nobleman of the Kingdom of Cyprus from the House of Ibelin .

He was a son of Guido von Ibelin , Marshal and Connétable of Cyprus, and Philippa Barlais.

Balduin officiated as a connétable of Cyprus. In 1277 his younger brother, Johann, was murdered by Nicolas l'Aleman in Nicosia , and Baldwin killed the murderer in retaliation. The background to this bloody family feud, Aleman was married to an Ibelin, was not mentioned in the traditions.

In August 1286, Baldwin was appointed by his nephew, King Henry II of Cyprus-Jerusalem in Acre as Bailli of the Kingdom of Jerusalem , after the rule of the Anjou had ended there. Thereafter, he is no longer reported, which is why his exact date of death remains unknown. King Heinrich only installed his brother Amalrich as a deputy in Acre in 1289 .


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