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Bankhaus Meyer & Co. in Thomaskirchhof 20, architectural drawing by Peter Dybwad
Thomaskirchhof 20 in an advertising brochure for the fashion house Schüler from 1937

The bank Meyer & Co. was a private bank in Leipzig . It existed for over 130 years after it was founded in 1814 and was the only private bank in the GDR between 1952 and its final dissolution in the course of the "last wave of East German expropriation in 1972" .


In 1814, the Jewish merchant Joel Meyer received approval to set up a bill of exchange business. He ran the business together with his son Alexis Meyer (1787–1869). The company headquarters was at Brühl . Since 1823 the company name was Meyer und Co. Although all branches of the banking business were served, the main business area was textiles and tobacco products .

After Alexis Meyer went to Berlin in 1840 to open another bank under the same name, his son Max Meyer took over management in Leipzig. Bankhaus Meyer was part of the German banking consortium that prepared the Dresdner Bank from 1872. This consortium also included the Allgemeine Deutsche Credit-Anstalt, where Max Mayer was also a member of the board of directors. As a result, he was also elected to the Supervisory Board of Dresdner Bank AG on December 1, 1872. In 1887 he left the Meyer bank and handed the management over to his two sons Oskar and Paul Meyer.

The bank was also involved in the cultural field and funded scholarships. The owner was also the treasurer of the Gewandhaus . In 1887 the bank became a limited partnership . In 1905 the architect Peter Dybwad built a new business building at Thomaskirchhof 20 / corner of Dittrichring.

In 1919 the lawyer Wilhelm Schomburgk became co-owners of the bank through marriage to the Meyer family. During the Second World War, Schomburgk took part in the civil resistance surrounding Mayor Carl Friedrich Goerdeler . In 1945 the credit institute was closed by the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD). Schomburgk was allowed to continue running the bank with a deductible of RM 300,000 from 1946 as a private bank Meyer & Co. under the supervision and control of the Saxon Landesbank , and after 1950 the Deutsche Investitionsbank. This last private bank in the GDR was wound up in 1972.

The Leipzig branch of Deutsche Außenhandelsbank AG was located in the business premises of the bank at Thomaskirchhof until it was closed in 1990 . After that, a restaurant was housed in the rooms. In the basement of the house there is a walk-in safe , built by Carl Kästner AG Leipzig. In the early 1990s, the building was temporarily part of the property in Leipzig owned by the building contractor Jürgen Schneider .


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