Barash (film)

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Original title Barash
Country of production Israel
original language Hebrew
Publishing year 2015
length 81 minutes
Director Michal Vinik
script Michal Vinik
production Amir Harel ,
Ayelet Kait
music Dafna Keinan
camera Shai Peleg
cut Joel Alexis

Barash (Hebrew: ברש) is an Israeli film directed by Michal Vinik, which tells of a girl coming out as a lesbian against the backdrop of a family conflict . The film premiered in Israel on June 16, 2016.


17-year-old Naama Barash falls in love with her new classmate, Dana Hershko. Together they escape the boredom in her small town by staying in Tel Aviv in the queer party scene parties, take drugs and drink alcohol. Naama has her first sexual experience with a woman, while Dana already has experience. Naama's family is divided, the parents are very worried about Naama's sister Lior, who is currently completing her military service but is no longer available. When the parents learn that Lior is with their Palestinian boyfriend, they criticize this relationship and try to bring Lior home. For Naama, the love for Dana ends in disappointment, as Dana does not want to be faithful and begins an affair with another woman.


Nadine Lange wrote in the Tagesspiegel : “The strengths of 'Barash' are the narrative casualness and the closeness to everyday life. The topic of coming out is neither overdramatized nor banalized, which makes the film, staged in sun-drenched images, a real asset in this overused genre. Vinik's work can coexist with 'All Over Me', 'My Summer of Love' or 'Pariah' - and has its own convincing view of the sweetness and pain of first love. "

The internet portal judged: “In her sensual directorial debut 'Barash', Michal Vinik tells of first love, lovesickness and the search for your own self - and asks how freely you can live as a young woman in Israel today. 'Barash' was awarded three prizes at the Haifa International Film Festival for its multi-layered script and its gorgeous young actresses. "

In Sissymag Tania Witte wrote: "The great strength of" Barash "(incidentally Na'amas surname and obviously only thing the family links) lies in the observation of relationships and family structures. The barbecue scene in all its depression and the wonderful conversation between the sisters in the shared bedroom are undisputed highlights of the film. It is not for nothing that Sivan Shimon was honored at the Haifa International Film Festival for her interpretation of Na'ama as best actress and Dvir Benedek for his Gideon as best actor. Plus the best script and various nominations. "Barash" offers the short time of beautiful pictures, has humor and sex appeal and context and seems damn real - in the hard as well as the soft as well as the awkward moments. "


  • Best Actress (Sivan Noam Shimon), Best Actor (Dvir Benedek) and Best Screenplay - Haifa International Film Festiva l, 2015
  • Grand jury award for best film - Festival Mix Milano , LGBT International Film Festival Milan, 2016

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