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Baron Pierrepont was a hereditary British title of nobility which was awarded once in the Peerage of England , once in the Peerage of Ireland and twice in the Peerage of Great Britain .


The title was first created in the Peerage of England on June 29, 1627 for Robert Pierrepont . This was also raised on August 25, 1628 Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull and Viscount Newark . His eldest son, who later became the second Earl, inherited already on 11 January 1641 by Writ of Acceleration early title 2nd Baron Pierrepont, inherited in 1643, the other titles of his father and was in the Peerage of England to 1645 Marquess of Dorchester collected . His two sons died before him, which is why the Marquessate went out on his death on December 8, 1680. The earldom and the other titles went to his great-nephew Robert Pierrepont as 3rd Earl. The 5th Earl was raised in the Peerage of Great Britain on December 23, 1706 to Marquess of Dorchester and on August 10, 1715 to Duke of Kingston upon Hull . With the childless death of his grandson, the 2nd duke, on September 23, 1773, all named titles became extinct.

In the second award, the title of Baron Pierrepont , of Ardglass in the County of Down , was given to the English politician Gervase Pierrepont on March 29, 1702 . He was the second-born son of the 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull. Since he was a Member of the House of Commons from 1698 to 1705 , he was awarded in the Peerage of Ireland so that he could keep his House of Commons and not have to give it up in favor of a seat in the House of Lords . After leaving the House of Commons, he was awarded the third title of Baron Pierrepont , of Hanslape in the County of Buckingham , on October 19, 1714 , this time in the Peerage of Great Britain, which ultimately gave him a House of Lords. Due to the lack of male heirs, both titles expired on his death on May 22, 1715.

In the third bestowal, the title Baron Pierrepont , of Holme Pierrepont in the County of Nottingham , was bestowed on July 23, 1796 in the Peerage of Great Britain to Charles Pierrepont , together with the superior title Viscount Newark , of Newark-on-Trent in the County of Nottingham. He was on his mother's side a grandson of the 1st Duke of Kingston upon Hull. On April 9, 1806, he was also elevated to Earl Manvers in the Peerage of the United Kingdom . The titles expired on February 13, 1955 when his descendant, the 6th Earl, died.

List of Barons Pierrepont

Barone Pierrepont, first conferred (1627)

Barone Pierrepont, second and third award (1702/1714)

Barone Pierrepont, fourth award (1796)

Individual evidence

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