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The building acceptance is the final acceptance of a building project that requires approval by the responsible building supervisory authority, as regulated in the individual German state building regulations . The compliance of the completed building with the provisions contained in the building permit in terms of building law and construction technology is checked.

There is also a corresponding building control in the Austrian building laws and in Switzerland.

Building approvals under public law were reduced in the course of several amendments to building regulations in all German federal states. For the majority of construction projects, only random checks are carried out.

The administrative building acceptance must not be confused with the civil law acceptance of the building by the customer.

Batter board acceptance

During the batter board acceptance, a representative of the building authority - building inspector - checks the position of the future building on the property , which is marked by a batter board , as well as the altitude with regard to its compliance with the building permit or other regulations.

Shell acceptance

According to an application submitted by the client , an examination is carried out by the building permit authority after completion of the shell . The shell is considered completed when all statically necessary components, as well as chimneys and roof construction , have been carried out, i.e. the stability , sound and heat insulation and fire safety can be assessed.

Final acceptance

The final acceptance takes place after completion of all construction work required for the construction of the structure and a certificate about the function of the heating and chimney systems and thus documents the possibility of use. (Residential permit - commercial use)

Acceptance of use

Acceptance of use is the acceptance of a structure, building or plant that is subject to approval by the building supervisory authority ( building authority ) with confirmation that all regulations and requirements were complied with during the construction of the structure and whether it complies with the approved building application (" building permit "). The official test report is the "use acceptance certificate" or "final acceptance certificate", which entitles the building to be used. The builder must apply for acceptance of use.

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